Have you ever been asked, why, in the heck, do you need another knife?

The question itself implies that you don’t actually need another knife.

Knives have intrigued men and boys and some females for eons. We like to think of them as essential items to always have on hand. Whether they are utilitarian or decked out with all the super special materials, knives are, along with our beloved dogs, man’s best friend.


For centuries, carrying a knife has been not only a life saver, but also a symbol of prestige.


Over at the Smithsonian there are knives that were forged by royalty.  They were worn as an insignia of said royal prestige.

Across the world in India, ancient blade owners were revered, respected and considered knowledgeable individuals. These individuals were also given to owning land.  Anyone owning knives, swords or spears were the decision-makers of the community by virtue of owning blades.

Receiving a knife that was your grandfather’s is like carrying a piece of your own heritage. So, it stands to reason that when you give your knife to your son or grandson, the same will hold true.

Today, we carry pocket art as folding knives and EDC items of choice. Artful blades, like FEROCE Black, have sweeping lines and thoughtful ergonomics with interesting insert materials.


Just like shoes and handbags, knives are very collectible.


There are several aspects that create the perceived value of knives. The design, the latest materials folks are raving about, the showmanship of the celebrity representative and the reputation of the designer all add together to create the mystique of collectible knives.


Why, then, do you need another knife?


Is it because it shows your discerning judgement, your affinity for finer things, your preparedness for any situation?

Maybe, it’s because you love the look and feel of the tool, need it for work or just want to have it? 

All of those reasons are valid.


Why do you need another knife? 


You may not need it, but by virtue of wanting it, it is a valid choice, backed by centuries of tradition!


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