BONAFIDE…Limited Qty.

BONAFIDE…Limited Qty.


Louis Krudo likes a good cigar and wanted to design a cigar rest that would be curvy and sexy. Made from ⅝” thick, solid 6Al4V Grade 5 titanium, BONAFIDE is perfectly sleek. It is the quintessential cigar rest that doubles as a novelty, 2 finger knuck. Up to a 60 gauge cigar can fit in the circular cutout. Whether you like your stogie mild or that bite of peppery spice, it need not have a run of the mill cigar rest. Use BONAFIDE with confidence; relax and smoke your cigar in style.

Finishes Available

  • Brushed Finish
  • Brushed Engraved
  • Anodized Gold Engraved
  • Anodized Pink/Lavender Engraved
  • Anodized Teal Engraved

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BONAFIDE comes with a 2” lanyard for easy grip. Choose either the classic, brushed finish version or try a little flash and bang with the engraved or anodized/engraved BONAFIDE.

Each version is unique and one of a kind. Either way, brushed, engraved or anodized engraved finish, you will be proud to have BONAFIDE by your side while you sit back, relax, smoke your best cigars and shoot the breeze with your friends.

BONAFIDE Specifications

  • Titanium 
  • Thickness 5/8”  
  • Width 1.83”  
  • Height 2.5” 
  • Weight 2.2oz 
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Black Lanyard Included

This item is sold for novelty purposes only. You are solely responsible for knowing your state and local laws.

This item cannot be shipped to CA,NY,NJ,PA, DE, IOWA and MS . This list may be updated from time to time without notice.


NOTE: BONAFIDE is made in small quantities.  All color choices, that are not ORIGINAL SILVER TONE, are cosmetic and can wear away with time and use. Anodizing color may slightly vary form picture shown. Color is not warrantied.  Please allow up to 7-10 business days, sooner if possible,  for the color process and engraving to be completed and your order to ship.

Additional information

Weight .13 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1.625 in
Finish Choices

Brushed Finish, Brushed Engraved, Anodized Gold Engraved, Anodized Pink/Lavender Engraved, Anodized Teal Engraved


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