Choosing your everyday carry (EDC) knife is mostly a matter of personal choice. But before getting down to the exact blade you want, you must choose between two general categories – a folding knife vs. fixed blade. Both have their advantages, just in different ways.

Every knife owner has their opinion on what works best given the tasks they face every day. But the following looks at some general areas for both types of blades. Ultimately, the best advice is to knock around a site like ours and find the blade that best suits your needs.

When it comes to folding knives vs fixed blades, this is a good place to start.

Folding Knives

When it comes to EDC, folding knives are generally considered the most popular. That’s primarily because they are easy to conceal and convenient to carry. There’s a reason why so many folders are known as “pocket knives.”

That convenience is why there are so many folding knives available on the market. People want that level of convenience and ease.

Folders are associated with EDC because they are perfect for the routine tasks that make people want to carry a knife in the first place. For example, cutting open a box, trimming wire, cutting rope or for self-defense.

The biggest cons with folding knives vs. fixed blades are the fact that folders can be harder to clean and also have, historically at least, been known to break easier. The more moving parts, the more chances for something breaking.

That said, folders today can be much stronger than in the past. A knife like the KARSINO10 is up to most tasks you can throw at it. Overall, well-built folders are sturdier than ever. They also come in more variety, including creations such as the SNAG Folder.

Fixed Blades

There are a lot of advantages to the fixed blade. Fixed blades can be a better choice, depending on what you think the day has in store for you.

For the most part, fixed blades, like MANIKOMIO, are associated with rougher outdoor work – jobs like skinning a buck, digging, splitting and food preparation. Other advantages for a fixed blade vs. folding knife include:

  • They’re stronger, with one piece of steel cut to whatever size you need
  • They’re easier to clean and maintain
  • They don’t break as easily
  • Fast deployment in a self-defense situation

Much like folding knives, there is a wider variety of fixed blades than ever before, including small chevron blades that can fit in a purse or on a keychain. The biggest downside with a fixed blade is they can be harder to conceal and not as convenient to carry.

The ultimate choice comes down to the buyer and how they plan to use the blade. The best news is that you aren’t limited to just one blade. You can make your EDC two or more knives that you rotate depending on the task you plan to take on that day.