With a focus on quality and a talent for innovative design, Krudo Knives offers people the option of owning a knife unlike any other. These designer knives don’t just have the look of a great knife, however. They also provide the strength and durability needed for an Every Day Carry (EDC knife) as well as outdoor use.

From folders inspired by the design of the ancient karambit knife to a small fixed blade modeled after a military-style dog tag, Krudo Knives produces blades that stand in a class all their own. They also offer a variety of reasons to choose one of their fixed blades or folding knives for outdoors and EDC.

What Do You Need in an EDC or Outdoors Knife?

A good knife is an essential tool when taking on outdoor activities or for situations you encounter every day. But there are certain features that make for a great outdoor or EDC knife. They fall into five general categories.

  • A strong blade. An EDC knife or outdoor knife has to handle many different jobs, from cutting rope and branches to preparing food and processing games.
  • Self-defense. A good EDC blade is easy to deploy and handle in case you find yourself in a situation where things take a bad turn and you need to protect yourself.
  • Versatility. The best knives serve as versatile tools that can perform multiple functions.
  • Portability. A good knife is compact, lightweight and convenient to carry on your belt.
  • Reliability. A good quality knife is a reliable tool that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It is a long-lasting investment that can be used for many years to come.

Krudo Knives excels in all of these areas. They also offer something else that many people want in their EDC and outdoor knives – a unique design that sets them apart from other knives.

Krudo Knives That Make Great EDC and Outdoor Knives

Krudo Knives offers a wide range of knife styles, from folding knives to fixed blades, and uses high-quality materials such as D2 steel, G10 handles and titanium. They are also known for innovative designs, with many of its knives featuring unique shapes and curves that provide an ergonomic grip and comfortable use.

Louis Krudo, a seasoned knife designer, has more than 20 years of experience in creating high-quality custom knives.

The SNAGbit Folder, for example, offers a patented thumb support system that gives the knife a perfect fit in your hand. It’s part of the SNAG line of knives that Louis Krudo first introduced two decades ago. As with many Krudo Knives, it features a design filled with curves and contours that both enhance the design and serve practical purposes.

The KARSINO10 LTE offers another example. It has the design to earn the title of pocket art, but also the functionality to handle whatever life throws at it from day to day. The 3.5-inch, flat grind blade will get the job done, even if the design itself is sleek and sexy.

Many prefer fixed blades for their outdoors knives, and Krudo Knives has you covered there, too. The MANIKOMIO fixed blade can handle any outdoor activity where you need a serious blade, including camping, hunting and fishing. The double-edge, 5-inch blade has bilateral serrations with a centerline fuller. It also features a double-sided guard and longer-than-average handle.

For a fixed blade EDC knife, the Flea DT offers an intriguing option. A departure from other Krudo Knives designs, the Flea DT is a small “dog tag” blade (the entire length of Flea DT is 2.73 inches) that includes a paracord lanyard for a better grip. This compact beauty can handle all the day’s tasks, including cutting open boxes, scraping tape and nicking thread.

These knives offer just a few of many examples of how Krudo Knives offer blades that meet your EDC knife and outdoor knives needs.