If you’ve been in the knife world for any length of time, collecting, browsing, meeting other knife owners, you get the sense that knives have a kind of spirit to them. It’s like they have an aura or energy that resonates with you. MOZAIK LTE is just such a knife.

This spirit, this passion for artful blades, this love of the touch and feel of a knife is what drives Louis Krudo to continue to develop his line. He grew up in a family of knife makers and entrepreneurs. With a shoestring budget, he began building his designs. With each new profile, he broadens his line up. Interestingly, this knife was actually first drawn by Krudo on a steamed up shower door, as many of his ideas come to him at strange times.

FACTORY 2ND’S are now available!
Factory 2nd blades are just as functionally fit and come with the same KRUDO Knives warranty that you know & trust, but have some cosmetic difference(s).
Possible reasons a knife is considered a Factory 2nd would be smudge, scratch, color variance, chatter mark, some cosmetic inconsistency.
You get a fully functional KRUDO Knife at a fraction of the cost. There will, however, be some unique, cosmetic difference that makes this item a 2nd.
No coupons or added discounts will apply to any Factory 2nd item.

Fonts available: Times New Roman , Calibri, Arial, and Seagram. Location of engraving will be on the blade close to the frame or handle and as large as practical for the size of the blade it is being engraved on.

Logos will require a one time artwork setup fee, depending on the complexity, of $60.00 in addition to the per engraving charge.

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Due to the challenges and changes we all have been experiencing during 2020 and beyond, Krudo wanted to come up with versions of his designs that continue to embody long life, tough attitude and excellence all around, but with a lower price point, thus the LTE series was conceived.

MOZAIK LTE Folder is the next iteration design from Louis Krudo’s groundbreaking MOZAIK Folder. He went back to the drawing board and rethought every aspect of his design philosophy. Krudo wanted out of the pocket deployment, the artistic lines of pocket art, high functionality and sex appeal all in a knife like no other. 

MOZAIK is the first in the LTE series to come to life.  Like all of our builds, it is a limited run design, meaning that once it’s gone Krudo may, or may not, produce more.  Because KRUDO Knives is a boutique knife company, we aren’t making hundreds of thousands of knives at at time. Our runs can be as few as 1 – 30 and, at most, 3000 at a time. With the G10 scaled handle and smooth lines, While upholding its purpose for utility and reliability, MOZAIK LTE is the ultimate in understated refinement. 

It is as tough as the KRUDO brand and made to last. The tanto spear point SINGLE EDGE blade* makes every job easier.  Bring it on your off-road trips, on the job, camping, hunting or on your motorcycle ride.

Having MOZAIK LTE with you is the reassurance of knowing you are carrying what matters, because When What You Carry Matters, Carry a KRUDO.

*Important- This is a SINGLE EDGE BLADE. It is not designed to be a double edge blade. Do not sharpen the spine of this blade.

MOZAIK LTE Folder Specifications

  • Blade Steel 9Cr18MoV
  • Blade Thickness 0.187″
  • Blade Length 3.6”
  • Single Edge
  • Overall Length 8.25”
  • Weight 6.1 oz
  • Hybrid Frame Lock
  • G10 Inserts
  • Steel Ball Bearing Washers
  • Out of the Pocket Deployment
  • Color Grey, Black and Silver
  • Ambidextrous, CNC Pocket Clip

Designed in the U.S.A. by Louis Krudo.

All aspects of production of KRUDO Knives designs are overseen by Louis Krudo — relentlessly, meticulously, verging on OCD, mixed with odd hours and lots of hot coffee.

Built in China and hands on, quality controlled in Cave Creek, AZ, USA.

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 6.35 × 2.79 × 1.15 in

The KRUDO Standard, Factory 2nds


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