Laser Marking Services… Read Carefully

We do not laser engrave other manufacturers’ knives.

Custom Engraving

Tell us about your project:

Laser Marking Services…Read Carefully

We do not laser engrave other manufacturers’ knives.

Custom Engraving

Tell us about your project:

We offer 2 ways to get Laser Engraving Services



  • $20 per engraved side.
  • Standard location of engraving will be on the non-presentation side of the blade, close to the frame or handle and as large as practical for the size of the blade it is being engraved on.
  • Fonts available are Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, and Seagram.


  • Company logos will require a one-time artwork setup fee, depending on the complexity.
  • The one-time fee is $60.00 in addition to the $20 per engraving charge.
  • Engravings that have large solid filled areas may require additional charges.

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Custom Laser Engraving Services

Guidelines for Artwork


The file must be one of the following formats:

  • Jpeg (.jpg)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • EPS or PDF

A high-resolution digital file is required for set-up:

  • All files must be Black & White
  • High resolution (200 dpi or higher)
  • All files must be less than 3MB


  • Photocopies, business cards, faxes, letterhead or other imprinted products are NOT camera-ready artwork.
    • We can work from these items to create your finished artwork at an additional cost of $65.00 per hour, but there may be limitations.
  • Your final approval of a digital mock-up provided by KRUDO Knives, which verifies the desired look and location of the custom engraving, is needed before proceeding.
  • If you have questions about whether or not your file format will work, please contact us at


KRUDO Knives assumes clients are authorized to use trademarks and copyrighted materials presented to us for reproduction.
Customers assume all liability resulting from trademark or copyright disputes.


  • All of our products engraved by KRUDO Knives remain covered by the full warranty of said product.
  • Replaced or repaired KRUDO Knives items under warranty that may have been engraved by someone else will not be re-engraved by us.
  • Product warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, or improper use of KRUDO Knives product.
  • For more warranty information please visit the Warranty page.

Turn Around Time

Usually it will take 7-10 business days after final approval (on in stock items).
For official time estimates and price quotes please contact KRUDO Knives via email or call 602-596-1110.



  • We are not responsible for any mistakes or misspellings made by our customers.
  • Personalized, company logos laser engraved items are not accepted for return.
  • While we accept most engraving requests, we cannot engrave every request.
    • Some may contain Trademarks* or other terms that we do not have the right to use.
    • We may decline some material that we consider inappropriate or simply do not want to place on products.
    • At times we must decline engraving requests that may otherwise seem unobjectionable.
    • If your request for engraving is deemed unacceptable, we will email you and cancel the engraving order.
  • KRUDO Knives reserves the right to cancel any engraving requests after they have been submitted.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Refund(s) for product(s) or engraving are not applicable if you cancel your order(s) or changed during production.

We will make every effort possible to meet the desired dark or light marking color, but because materials and coatings may vary color results can fluctuate.

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Custom Laser Engraving Services