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The Swagger Man Is Always Prepared For Whatever Comes His Way. Everyday Carry Items Like KOGNITO By KRUDO Knives Are Important For The Busy, Swagger Man To Ensure He Is Always Ready And In Style. The Team At Swagger Magazine Rounded Up The Top Essentials Every Man Needs To Start Up His Everyday Carry Kit. Read More Now!

Who are Andrea and Louis Krudo and What is KRUDO Knives?

Find out what American Handgunner writer Pat Covert had to say about knife designers Andrea & Louis Krudo and how they got their start. Pat explores how an exciting encounter with a knife maker quickly turned into what caused Louis to say “I will never listen to anyone’s opinions again.” Pat also explores KRUDO Knives’ most popular knife designs and what’s next for the KRUDO product lineup. Read More Here!

Knife News

KRUDO Knives is moving into a new phase of its development with the release of the FEROCE folder

FEROCE signals a move away from traditional tactical knife design while maintaining a focus on use-ready end products. Krudo told us about the growing artistic drive behind his knife designs… Read More

Knife News

Krudo Readies Gladius-Inspired Fixed Blade for Release

KRUDO Knives is readying its latest fixed blade for release. Called the MANIKOMIO, the new knife takes inspiration from the gladius sword and brings it into a widely capable, balanced cutting tool. Read more

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KRUDO Knives Recommends Joining The NSSF

The NSSF Mission is “To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.”

Learn more about the NSSF now!

What the Hell Is Going on With This Pocket Knife?

Gear Patrol highlights the KARSINO10 & how it’s changing the way pocket knives are perceived. From a curved belly to an industry-leading design, check out what people are saying about the KARSINO10 Folder!  Read More

Knife News

Krudo Starts Off 2019 with One-Two Punch

Krudo Knives is commencing 2019 with back-to-back product releases. The MOZAIK and KARSINO10 both come in at the expected size class for Krudo, but approach design from two very different angles. Read More

Knife News Features The STRICK9 Folder From KRUDO Knives

KRUDO Knives is breaking into the tanto blade genre for the first time with the STRICK9 Folder. Check out the featured specs, quotes from Louis Krudo, release date & more! Read More

Knife News

SHOT Show 2018 features KRUDO Knives

KRUDO Knives was featured with 4 products in this SHOT Show 2018 article. Watch what experts have to say about DRASTIK, REVOLUTE, STRICK9 & MANIK in these 4 videos. Watch Now

Knife News

Krudo Introducing High-End and Entry-Level Lines

Krudo Knives is kicking off its premium Bad Attitude (B.A.) series with a trio of releases later this year. Alongside the new high-end blades, the company aims to release an economy line of entry-level products by the end of the year. Read More

The Bladed Mind


In this episode of The BLADED MIND with Doug Marcaida. We explore KRUDO KNIVES’ AXIOM of P.P.H.R (Push•Pull•Hammer•Repeat)
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Louis Krudo introduces new KRUDO Knife models at the 2018 Shot Show

In this episode Louis Krudo of KRUDO Knives displays and demonstrates their latest lineup of self defense and tactical knife inventory.
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It’s not a knife event without new tactical folders

Krudo had four new folder designs—three flippers and an Asian-influenced model with a modified tanto blade called the Dao.
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KRUDO Knives Redefines Flagship IOTA Folder

It’s going to be a busy holiday season for KRUDO, with several other releases planned for the run up to the end of the year.
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These 31 New Tactical Knives Are Built for Hard Use
You can count on Louis Krudo for unique interpretations of the tactical theme, and his Dao and Vinix folders are classic examples.
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Krudo Knives Krona Folder and Quick Deployment Holster
This year I found Krudo Knives on floor one and I sure am happy I did. It wasn’t the first time for either of us but somehow I missed out on them last year. This time I walked up to a crowd surrounding Louis Krudo like he was a rock star.
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The Force Be With You!
SNAG knives are the brainchild of martial arts expert Louis Krudo, a master of the Filipino fighting discipline Arnis, derived from the Spanish term arnis de mano (rough translation: harnessing of the hand).
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Snag Knives | Cutting Knife Review
The SNAG Series of knives are not only ferocious cutting tools, they can also be used for trapping or joint manipulation techniques.
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Krudo Khatchet
In a market glutted with “tactical tomahawks,” the KHatchet is radically different, offering curves, spikes and ridges where you don’t expect them.
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Krudo Snag 2.0
The newest tool comes in the Krudo SNAG 2.0 Folder Controller. It’s one of the most unique force options I’ve seen in a while.
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KRUDO’s Snag 2.0
What is a KRUDO’s Snag 2.0? Find out for yourself.
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SHOT Show 2015: KRUDO Knives
KRUDO Knives is about innovating and designing product from edge to non-edged tools for when you need them most.

SHOT: Edged Evolution of Change
KRUDO had four new folder designs – three flippers and an Asian-influenced model with a modified tanto blade called the Dao.
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KRUDO Knives SNAG 2.1 Folder Controller
The SNAG 2.1 Folder Controller is more than capable of delivering incapacitating blows to an attacker.
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Krubaton For Defense Or Autographs
It’s a pen, glass breaker and defensive tool all in one. Take a look at the stylish all titanium Krubaton from Krudo Knives.
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Krudo’s World! An Alternative View Of Knife Defense
Here’s a thought-provoking question for you: When is a knife not a knife, more than a knife — or a knife in disguise?
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2016 SHOT Show Preview: New knives on the cutting edge
KRUDO Knives patented SNAG system is an inspiration for many other cutting edge knife designs.
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Ultimate Survival Tips
Watch the video from SHOT Show 2015 – Crazy NEW Tactical / Self Defense Knives and Tools from Krudo Knives.
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10 Weird Hunting Products Found at the 2015 SHOT Show
For those times you forget your knife or need an Allen wrench, just grab it from your KRUDO Knives iPhone case.
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Prep for an Emergency With the Krudo KTC54 Phone Case

The Krudo KTC54 cell phone case can keep you alive against a deadly attacker, whether that is a dangerous animal predator or a less than savory character who wants to take advantage of you in your distressed state.
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