For the EDC crowd, military gear is a popular choice. That’s because it meets what they want out of EDC: durability, reliability and solid performance. That extends to what they look for when they choose the best tactical watch available.

The following looks at the features and attributes you should look for when you choose the best tactical watch for your EDC use. With tactical watches, you’ll get performance, clean design, utility, resilience and all the features you need.

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What to Look For in EDC Watches

The following are some of the primary features to keep in mind when you pick out your next timepiece. Keep in mind that you have many options available. This list covers the basic bases, with a few added features.


This where tactical watches prove their toughness. Many of the best tactical watches come with resin cases that are shock proof. They also do well resisting scratches. They also weigh less than other watches. The key in this area is the watch band. You want one made of durable material such as thick rubber or nylon.

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Tactical watches are tools, not fashion statements. The best are built to survive whatever you might throw at them, whether you enjoy extreme sports or roughing it outdoors on weekends and holidays. That makes reliability key. Quartz is the way to go, as it provides more accurate time and can withstand the beating your watch will take much better than mechanical movements.

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EDC watches for performance operate as the polar opposite of flashy, trendy watches. You want a color and finish that helps you conceal your position, not reveal it. A non-reflective surface allows you to reduce the risk of sunlight or artificial light gleaming off your watch. Again, you want a minimalistic look. Nothing that stands out. Tactical watches don’t need to advertise.

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What good is a watch that you can’t see in the dark? Watch hands and numbers painted with luminescent paint work the best – there’s no need to activate any type of light to see the time. Keep in mind that while analog is the easiest to use, digital typically lasts longer.

Special Features

Many different brands make tactical watches. Depending on how you plan to use the watch, some of the following features might appeal to you.

  • Tools such as a barometer, compass and thermometer
  • Water resistance to at least 100 meters?
  • Technology features, such as Bluetooth enabled
  • High resistance to changes in atmospheric pressure
  • Interiors made of high-grade sapphire crystal or quartz

Keep all the above in mind as you choose the best tactical watch that meets your needs. Like a good knife, a tactical watch should be durable, reliable and function at a high level, ready to handle your EDC challenges or any emergence life might throw at you.

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