Choosing the best concealed knife is a deeply personal choice. It’s also one that requires research, looking thoroughly at all options and making a reasonable choice that isn’t based on emotions.

That’s especially the case when thinking about self-defense. Smart knife owners regard a knife as a tool, not a weapon. The fact that it can provide self-defense is a bonus. Those who go looking for a “weapon” when they look for a knife are looking for trouble.

Real knife owners don’t want to find trouble. They just want to be prepared in case trouble finds them. When looking for the best concealed knife to carry, keep these points in mind. It will make finding the right concealed carry knives that much easier.

Self-Defense Issues

There are many reasons why it’s smart to choose a knife for self-defense. They are easier to conceal than a gun, for one thing, and have many uses beyond self-defense.

However, when thinking about self-defense when testing knives, think about how fast you can deploy the knife and your comfort in doing so. You want something that can be deployed quickly and works well for you in close quarters.

Also, it’s critical for people who invested in a concealed knife to also invest in the training needed to deploy and use the knife properly.

Legal Issues

A knife is considered a deadly force weapon just like a gun, meaning you need to understand the circumstances under which putting one to use is OK in the eyes of the law. Research the laws on where it is permitted to carry a concealed knife and what is considered self-defense. You also need to know the local laws that regulate the length of the blade and any knives that are banned in your area.

The Feel

Anyone who has picked up a knife knows what this means. Every knife has a different weight, balance and deployment which every person is going to feel differently about depending on their size and how it fits in their hand. Researching the knife specifications, watching knife demonstration videos & reading customer reviews can help make the decision easier.


This was mentioned above, but it’s worth singling out. You must think about the situations where you think it will become necessary to deploy your knife. What type of deployment will work best for you? This also includes determining where you will carry your concealed knife, which also can impact the type of knife that works best. You have many, many choices in this area, from fixed blades that fit into a sheath on your leg to chevron-shaped blades that fit on your keychain.

Think of Other Uses

While you are thinking about self-defense, also think about the other ways you might use the knife. Pick one that can handle any jobs you come across in your everyday life. While it’s not the main consideration of this article, it is something to keep in mind.

Responsible knife owners know that the odds of having to use a concealed knife for self-defense are, thankfully, low. But it’s good to have the right knife on hand if you need it. A concealed knife offers peace of mind, a rare commodity in this day and age.