The growing popularity of knife collecting and knife making have resulted in the creation of many podcasts aimed at those who want to hear about all things knives. It’s not an issue of finding a podcast for knife enthusiasts, but choosing the right one for you out of all the available options.

The following lists some of the more popular current podcasts for knife enthusiasts.

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Knife Nuts

The name says it all: these folks are (happily) nuts about knives. That’s a very good thing. On the Knife Nuts podcast, the co-hosts go through new releases from different knife makers, as well as issues only knife nuts would enjoy, such as stainless steel frame locks and strange design choices. They have recently added video on the YouTube channel so you can see the faces behind the voices.

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The Knife Junkie

All those who are “Irrationally fond of knives” will enjoy this podcast. Hosted by Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco, this informative podcast features DeMarco’s take on knives as well as interviews with people about all things related to the martial arts, knives, swords and “other edged weapons.” For example, DeMarco recently had an interview with Dave Everett, a blade collector and reviewer from This Old Sword Blade Reviews. One of the fun things DeMarco does is have a “pocket check” with guests to find out what they’re carrying.

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Knife Talk

Knife Talk is different in that it features knifemakers. Craig Lockwood, Geoff Feder and Mareko Maumasi join together on Knife Talk to discuss all things knives and answer listener questions. They talk about clients, the knives they are working on and the industry in general. A new episode is uploaded every Monday.

Knifemaker’s Mastery

Knifemaker Steve Reza talks about knife design. This show is highly informative for those who want to understand how knives are made. Reza recently finished the latest in a 15-episode series on steps people must take to create a knife. It’s the sort of information you won’t get from most places.

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Mark of the Maker

This show also features knifemakers talking about all things knives, including the artistry of design and their personal favorites. The knifemakers involved include Tom Krein, Sean Kendrick and Michael Burch. The podcast is hosted by Mark Stheiner. They also feature interviews with the knifemakers – for example, Rick Hinderer was on a recent podcast.

Any of these rank among the best podcasts for knife enthusiasts. It’s a growing area that helps connect people around the world with a love for knife collecting and ownership.

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