SPIKE War Hammer by Louis Krudo Jewelry

SPIKE War Hammer by Louis Krudo Jewelry


Anyone looking for that foot in the door, the hard-to-find opportunity, the elusive goal that is so worth the struggle, the SPIKE War Hammer is created just for you. Like the warrior philosopher who cultivates his wisdom and stealth, honing skill and temperament, he uses his tools as an extension of himself. You know what you are capable of, but you keep it to yourself until such is the time it must be called upon,  Clever and quick, you are a go-getter.  Seeing an opportunity, you seize it, and when you don’t see an opportunity, you make one.

Krudo’s SPIKE War Hammer is all about opportunity. It is a reminder and a touchpoint for you to take a swing at life.   Just like the armored knights of the 15th century days of old, you know you’re ready for what comes at you. And, where swords would simply glance off the metal armor, the short-handled battle spike was wielded single-handedly with the aim of piercing the joints or the chinks in the armor or simply going through it.


**NOTE: These are not factory-made in large batches. Louis Krudo makes each of his jewelry items especially for you when you order. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.


From inspiration to completion, these pieces are made right here in Cave Creek, Arizona by one man. As an artisan does, Louis Krudo makes every piece of his signature jewelry. You know when you wear one of his stunning designs, you are wearing craftsmanship, grit, and the American dream. Krudo’s jewelry pieces are truly an act of metal alchemy.

This pendant evokes strength, power, and legacy. With a nod to Thor and the Vikings, runes are inscribed on each side of the SPIKE War Hammer Pendant. Loosely translated, they mean FIRE and THOR or GIANT. So, call upon your inner fire, your inner giant when you wear the SPIKE War Hammer.

This substantial SPIKE War Hammer Pendant is available in .925 Silver. You will receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Because each piece is handcrafted and not mass produced on some assembly line, every one of Louis Krudo’s pieces will vary slightly.

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