Glass breakers come in many varieties, including spring and fixed versions, and can be attached to guns, multi-tools, pens, seat belt cutters and flashlights. The choices are great for customers, but ultimately the most crucial factor is having one that you find the most comfortable to carry.

Glass breakers are one of those items that you may not think about much – until that moment you really need one. That’s why finding a glass breaker that you will carry at all times is important. You want it there when you need it.

Why Do I Need a Glass Breaker?

The situations that require a glass breaker are not very pleasant to think about, but they do happen. We’ve gone into more detail on the issue before, but here are some of the all-too-frequent scenarios where you would need a glass breaker.

  • If trapped in a car after a bad accident
  • If trapped in a car after it falls into a body of water and sinks
  • If trapped inside a building that is burning

Also, any of those scenarios could involve you coming to a scene where you must break through glass to get to someone who is trapped in these situations. Again, not pleasant to think about and hopefully none of the above happens to you.

But it’s best to be prepared.

What to Consider With a Glass Breaker

As mentioned above, glass breakers can come affixed to a number of different tools. But some prefer a glass breaker independent of anything else if it is comfortable to carry.

For example, the KRUBATON offers an interesting way to have a glass breaker. The tactical pen functions perfectly as a Parker-style refillable ink pen. However, the other end of the titanium pen is a glass breaker. With the pen capped, it becomes a titanium baton that can be used both as a glass breaker and in self-defense. And it’s all the size of a pen.

Once you’ve found something that is easy to carry, then it’s a matter of testing the grip and determining whether you can use it properly and feel comfortable doing so.

A comfortable grip is especially important with a fixed glass breaker, as they typically are seen as requiring more strength than a spring-loaded glass breaker. However, typically strength will be needed in either case, and spring-loaded glass breakers also have a moving part that can falter or break.

On Other Tools

If you prefer adding a glass breaker as part of another tool, there are many choices. They include flashlights, seat belt cutters and small ones that can be fitted on a keychain.

Again, which one will you carry with you? That’s the key question. If made of strong materials such as titanium, a glass breaker will work. One tip to remember is to strike near a corner of a window, it will prevent the glass from absorbing as much of the energy from the blow.

Choosing a glass breaker might conjure up all kinds of dark images in your mind about terrible situations, but once you have one, you’ll feel less worried about getting into such situations. You’ll have a way to handle the challenge if life throws a dire situation your way.