Part of the reason smart people carry versatile weapons or tools with them at all times is because of the simple fact you do not know what life is going to throw at you on any given day.

Among those useful tools is a glass breaker.

Breaking glass is an issue that comes up often in emergency situations. Those could include:

  • Having to break a car window from the outside to pull someone out
  • Having to break a car window from the inside to get yourself out, such as after landing in a body of water
  • Having to break a car window to rescue a pet or child who is locked inside
  • Having to break the glass on a home or office window to get inside – or outside – because of an emergency, such as a fire

It’s not pleasant to think about such situations, but unfortunately they all occur with some regularity every day.

For the sort of person who wants to be prepared for any event, a glass breaker is useful.

Knife vs. Glass Breaker

If you look at online forums, you will find many people feel they don’t need a glass breaker because they can simply use a knife blade. This, however, is not the case with most knives.

Glass breakers are thick, blunt and made of strong material for a reason – breaking glass is far more difficult than most people think. Car windshields, for example, are extremely tough to completely shatter (side windows are somewhat easier, which is why you should focus your efforts there).

Some will argue their knives can do what a glass breaker does, although this depends largely on the knife. A safer bet is to use the sort of equipment emergency personnel use, and that often includes a glass breaker.

Variety of Choices

Glass breakers come in a wide range of choices.

Some knives can be purchased which have a carbon tip on the handle that can be used as a glass breaker.

There also are tools that are designed specifically for dealing with getting out of a car after an accident. Some combine a blade to cut seatbelts, a pin to pop deployed airbags and a glass breaker.

Krudo Knives of Florida takes a different route, combining a glass breaker as part of a remarkable tactical pen.

The Krubaton – which Krudo calls “the answer to the question you didn’t realize you had been asking” – is designed to tackle a ton of tasks. On one end of the pen is a standard Parker-style refillable pen. On the other is a glass breaker.

With both caps on, it becomes a titanium baton that can be used as a pain compliance tool. In the case of physical attack, it can also be used to defend yourself with the baton, striking points on the attacker’s body that will cause the most pain.

Whatever glass breaker you choose, it’s a tool worthy of your consideration to help you get out of unexpected and dangerous situations.