A common characteristic of all knife owners is this: They understand the usefulness of being prepared. No one ever looks at a knife owner and wonders if they will be useful if something comes up. It’s just the opposite. They expect knife owners to prove useful, no matter the situation.

That’s why those who understand the value of a good knife always take their time considering the best pocket knife that suits their needs. Pocket knives – sometimes called folding knives or folders – are steadfast companions that get the job done when you most need it.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be works of art, too, as the lineup of folders designed by Louis Krudo demonstrates.  But each one is built on a solid foundation of exceptional folding knife attributes.

Popular KRUDO Folding Knives

Why Everyone Should Carry a Pocket Knife

This likely goes without saying, but in case you are looking to buy a gift for someone or have never owned a pocket knife, there are many reasons why everyone should own a pocket knife. The main one is simply this: It allows you to handle any DIY projects that come up during the day.

Why Include a Coin When Gifting a Knife

Those tasks can range from opening packages and cutting string to digging out a splinter or carving, opening cans and cutting fruit. By having an Every Day Carry (EDC) pocket knife, you immediately upgrade yourself to someone who can handle these and dozens of other tasks, rather than someone standing back, wondering how to get the job done.

In the most extreme circumstances, a pocket knife also can save your life. For example, it allows you to cut through a seatbelt to get out of a vehicle in an accident. It also provides some level of self-defense, but remember that a knife is a tool, not a weapon.

Choose the Right Survival Knife

Things To Look For In A Pocket Knife

If you’ve never owned a pocket knife before, or you want to upgrade from your current knife, here are some issues to keep in mind as you go shopping.


Folders should be tough and able to withstand use every single day. It’s on you to maintain your knife properly, but the knife should come out of the box built to handle thousands of hours of cutting, puncturing, slicing – whatever you throw at it. Keep in mind that the pivot, not the width of the blade, is what gives a knife its strength.

Size Matters

Bigger isn’t always better. The best way to choose the right knife is to get one that works best with how you want to carry it. While you clip it inside your jacket or wear it on a keychain, most people carry their EDC folder in their pocket. Find one that fits conveniently into your pocket and is easy to quickly take out and put to use. Also, consider a pocket clip that will allow you to carry your knife more comfortably (with some Krudo Knives, you can get reversible pocket clips for left or right carry).

How to Choose the Best Concealed Knife

Consider Convenience

Today’s knives come with added features that make the blade operate more smoothly and the knife more useful for you. Those include easy-opening mechanisms, ergonomic handles and multiple blade surfaces. Also, added design details such as thumb wedges provide earlier out-of-pocket deployment. Make sure to look around at the different options – today’s folders are not your grandfather’s Buck knife.

Choose the Right Blade

There are a lot of knives out there, and some of them advertise themselves with terms that are essentially meaningless. Look for knives that feature straightforward descriptions of the type of blade you will get with your knife. You want steel from a manufacturer you recognize. Focus on the right length and width for your needs, always with durability in mind.

Forged vs Manufactured Knives

Another factor to consider is getting something unique. At Krudo Knives, we don’t mass produce knives, we do small manufacturing runs (as many as 3,000, sometimes as little as 30) based on unique designs by Louis Krudo. But we also pay attention to the details above, and then some.

The bottom line is you need a blade that can handle the sort of tasks you expect to encounter every day, as well as those you don’t expect. For the rugged individualist who aims to stay calm in a crisis, the right folder is the perfect companion.

What is Pocket Art?