Knife throwing is a wonderful way to learn a new skill and have fun while doing it. People get into knife throwing because it’s part of history, has great competitions around the world, involves a variety of knives and other weapons, takes great skill to master and offers a wonderful way to socialize with other knife owners.

Getting good at throwing knives can give a knife owner a whole new appreciation for knives. Here’s a closer look at why knife throwing is a cool hobby to get into.

Knife Throwing Is Part of History

Since people have been making knives, people have been throwing knives. As a tactical strategy, it works well. Warriors in indigenous tribes from around the world used knives in battle, including Native Americans who used both throwing knives and tomahawks. They even incorporated this strategy into warfare from horseback.

Being a knife owner means being a history buff, in many cases. So, learning how to throw knives can make the experience of knife ownership even richer.

There Are Great Competitions

Knife throwing competitions are held locally, nationally and overseas. In fact, throwing knives in Europe has become popular with people going to competitions from around the globe. One of the biggest is the Big Throwers Meeting / European Championship, which is held in different places in Europe. In 2018, it was held in the Czech Republic and in 2017 in Hungary.

The Variety of Weapons

Everyone has an opinion on the best throwing knives. And that’s as it should be! However, the sheer variety of tools you can use for throwing content is impressive. You can use knives, axes and tomahawks, for example. Some competitions might limit the knives by type or size. Whatever the case, it gives you plenty of options for the type of throwing you want to get into.

It Takes Skill

People who are knife owners are also doers. They typically are active people who spend a lot of time outdoors and in their local community. They know the benefit of doing things as opposed to sitting around and just talking about doing things! They appreciate learning new skills that require discipline and concentration. Knife throwing falls into that category. You must work hard to get good at knife throwing – another thing knife collectors are willing to do.

It’s A Social Event

We’re all looking for ways to connect in a technology-driven society, and knife throwing provides that opportunity. Many areas have local clubs you can join. Every website on a competition focuses on the aspect of getting together with friends and family. In a world filled with electronic screens, something like knife throwing gives you the chance to interact with like-minded people in doing something that is both fun and requires skill.

These are some of the reasons that knife throwing might be something that interests you. Whether you do it to honor the historical tradition or because it’s just plain fun, knife throwing is a hobby worth considering.