Like any type of collecting, creating a knife collection requires a lot of preparation and consideration on the front end. Just like art collectors tend to specialize with certain types of paintings or a group of artists, knife collectors should know what they want before beginning to lay down cash for specific knives.

Mistakes of Knife Collectors

That is what makes knife collecting an interesting hobby. No two people are alike, and what they want out of collecting will be different. But if you take the time to consider carefully before plunging into collecting, it can be a very satisfying endeavor.

To get you thinking along the right lines, here are some common mistakes for knife collectors to avoid.

Not Choosing a Knife Type

This category could also be called “not choosing a knife maker.” In some cases, people want every variation of a certain type of knife. Others prefer to collect knives from specific knife makers who they respect. It’s possible to do both, of course, but it helps from the beginning to know exactly what you want so you do not waste time looking (and purchasing!) knives that are not special to you.

Not Setting A Budget

From the outset, you’ll want to know what you can comfortably afford when you start a collection. Obviously, this can range into many thousands of dollars for a high-end collection. Most people are more comfortable with moderate budgets. However, if you know what you want and can afford, the collection will be just as enjoyable to you.

Not Getting Educated

With any type of collecting, a key step is taking the time to research everything you can about the knives or knife makers that interest you. This includes researching prices and knowing a fair deal. It’s also important to search for knives in many different places. Some knives can only be found at specialty shops. Others knife makers, such as KRUDO Knives, have an entire web site dedicated to their product.

Not Buying a “Face”

A “knife face” is simply a term that refers to the ability to tell who made a knife simply by looking at it, even from a distance. The best knife makers have a distinctive style to their creations. These are the types of knife makers that knife collectors should focus on. They bring a unique look to every knife they make, one that is distinctively their own.

Not Having Fun

A knife collection should not be a cause of stress or worry. While it’s important to do research, set a budget and not buy simply on emotion, it’s also good to remember why you started collecting knives in the first place. And that reason is it’s simply just a lot of fun.

Keep these issues in mind as you get into knife collecting and avoid the common mistakes many people make. That will help make knife collecting what it should be: a great experience and one of the best hobbies a knife lover can undertake.