The idea of digital NFTs is just beginning to make its way into the mainstream, and knife NFTs are a part of the trend. Originating in gaming, knife NFTs make use of  blockchain technology to allow the secure, verifiable exchange of digital knives.

Gamers understand the concept within seconds, but it might seem unfamiliar to those who haven’t spent time collecting items in a digital world. For knife collectors, it’s an interesting new area that presents the opportunity to own unique blades.

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What Is An NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Non-fungible means it can’t be replaced with something else. For example, a dollar bill is fungible. If you swap dollar bills with someone, you both still have exactly the same amount of money. An example of something non-fungible is a baseball card – each one has its own, unique value. An NFT works like that.

In the case of NFTs, people can buy original digital files, such as artwork, music or text files. While these files might have many copies, an NFT is connected to the original.

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People typically exchange NFTs on the blockchain. The blockchain keeps a virtual, unchangeable, public ledger of a transaction. Most people know the term blockchain for its use in exchanging cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Anything that is digital can become an NFT. Knife NFTs started emerging in the world of gaming.

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Knife NFTs in Gaming

In gaming, characters move through a digital world and often collect items by completing certain tasks. Those items can include almost anything, from bricks of gold to ancient spells. But among the most common items are weapons, including knives.

From that idea, companies like Riveted Games have developed games like Cryptoblades. Launched in 2021, the company bills itself as the most active cryptogame in the world. It involves the use of blockchain to exchange NFTs and digital assets.

Players can earn as they play, collecting and selling NFTs through the game. In the case of Cryptoblades, those items include beautiful, elaborate digital knives. People earn them as they play the game, moving through a digital gaming environment using avatars.

“We want to tie in ownership of this experience and these items to the players using NFTs,” Riveted Games owner Philip Devine said in an interview. He also said the game expands on the utility of NFTs, showing how all types of information can get stored on NFTs, including the power of a weapon or the level of a character.

Knife NFTs

On Reddit, a knife maker recently posted what he claimed is the first NFT knife. In this case, the knife maker said the “NFT token represents a claim to a physical item – a handmade, one of its kind, custom knife which will be sent to the owner of this token.”

Knife NFTs emerged on Twitter and Instagram in 2021, with dozens of creators offering knife NFTs for purchase. They can range from elaborate knives like those in video games to digital recreations of real knives.

Collectors can now easily find digital knives for purchase outside of the gaming world. It’s opened up an interesting new area of knife buying, especially for those who are active in online communities.

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The future of knife NFTs and NFTs in general is uncertain. But with even Martha Stewart getting into NFTs – she released her own lineup of Halloween digital collectibles last year – it’s definitely something for knife enthusiasts to keep an eye on.