Video game designers know that knives are cool, which is why gamers have a host of blades across many games to add to their weapons arsenal. These great knives in gaming history might not be real, but they’re fun to play with and (in some cases) have eye-catching designs.

And after all, what good is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game without a knife to provide a good Back Slash attack? Not a particularly good one. These knife favorites help make these games that much better. In some cases (hello, Michael Myers), it’s a focal point of the game.

Best Knife Fight Movie Scenes

Doomblade from Doom

In 1993, Doom became one of the most popular FPS games of all time. The combination of science fiction and horror (you’re battling an invasion from Hell) continued in the reboot in 2016. In Doom Eternal, the Doom Slayer now carries the Doomblade, a retractable knife in the armor on the left wrist that slices demon flesh and can break through objects other weapons can’t penetrate.

Assassin’s Creed – Dual Hidden Blades

These made their appearance in Assassin’s Creed 2 (there was just one in the original). The dual, hidden wrist blades gave gamers the ability to take out two guards at once, and upped the awesomeness of the game’s defining weapons, which are easily some of the most famous knives in gaming history.

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Dead By Daylight – Kitchen Knife

This is the game that allows you to play the role of Michael Myers, the killer from the “Halloween” movie and the gazillion sequels that followed. Of course, that means you also get to wield the famous knife from that movie – a giant kitchen knife. Now you can chase your victims using the very knife that haunted you when you saw Michael Myers chase his victims. Post-game therapy optional.

Cosmic Knife – Fallout: New Vegas

The Cosmic Knife is great, but you must brave the Sierra Madre Casino to find it. Once you take it from the ghosts who haunt the casino, it gives you a perfect weapon to plunder the Mojave Wasteland in this post-apocalyptic game set in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Antler Knife – Red Dead Redemption 2

This one is memorable because it’s a unique collectible knife that you can only find in one place in this game, which is set in the Old West. It’s not easy. You must ride north west of Hanging Dog Ranch, exit the large barn from the northwest side and keep riding in that direction until you come across a bear carcass on top of the man who tried to kill it. In the side of the bear you’ll find the coveted Antler Knife, which has a handle made from a buck’s antler.

Knife in Grand Theft Auto

This requires mentioning because of the huge popularity of the game itself. In all the different games based on GTA, the player has a knife. The design changes depending on the game, but they all provide the ability to make an attack with stealth and quiet.

Hunter’s Knife – Monster Hunter World

This game offers plenty of weapons to kill giant, raging beasts. Why not try it armed with only a knife and shield? Monster Hunter World offers that option. And while it’s going to be cool to brag about once you do it, just remember – you actually have to do it! Good luck with that.

Even if you’re not a gamer, these cool knives in gaming history are worth checking out. And if you are a gamer, these knives add an extra layer of greatness to the gaming experience. And give you the chance to execute a killer back slash attack.

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