For centuries, knives have mostly been associated with men. That is no longer the case. Women who don’t want to depend on anyone but themselves know it’s a smart choice to carry a knife.

Why Carry a Knife

The reasons are many. Some are listed below. But in each case, a solid edge tool provides women with the certainty that they are prepared for the many twists and turns of life.

While guns often get the most attention from the media, carrying a knife is a practical alternative. And with the variety and designs available today, finding a tool that meets your needs has become easier than ever.

Read on to see some reasons why women should carry a knife.

It’s Handy

You thought we’d go with self-defense first, right? Wrong. Most knife owners carry knives not because they fancy themselves as Rambo, but because a knife is an extremely useful tool. It can handle most cutting jobs from those in the workshop and on camping trips to getting open packaging. And all without you having to waste time going to find a knife somewhere to get it done.

It’s Easy to Carry

Knives come in all shapes and sizes, from relatively small folding knives to fixed knives in a wide variety of types. While it’s important to know the local concealed carry laws, the ease of carrying a knife means you can take it just about anywhere. They also are convenient for carrying in a purse or handbag.


Every day, somewhere in the world, people run into emergencies where a knife or tactical tool can prove extremely important. Here’s a few stories where knives saved lives. Having an edge tool available can get you out of all kinds of tricky situations. More than anything, it’s the comfort of knowing you have a knife available at a moment’s notice that can give you peace of mind.


Arguably the most important reason to carry a knife. The truth is no one knows when trouble may come calling. It’s better to have a knife and not need it then need it and not have it. Knives come in a big variety of shapes and sizes. Each can help a woman defend themselves if life throws them into a rough situation.

There are even many practice knives with which women can train themselves on how to properly use a knife. The ones offered by Krudo Knives also are pain compliance tools, which when used properly can inflict pain on an attacker. That provides the needed few seconds in which a woman can escape from an attacker.

Again, it’s the comfort and security of having a carrying a knife that can give women peace of mind knowing they can take care of themselves in a rough situation.

Other Choices

When it comes to carrying concealed edge tools, women have some interesting choices. They include the following.

Tactical Pens

One end of this elegant tool is a refillable writing pen. The other is a titanium baton that can be used as glass breaker and also a pain compliance tool. Tactical pens are easy to carry and quickly deploy.


The Chevron knife combines practicality with effectiveness. The triangular tool is easy to carry on a key chain or in a cell phone case. Light but powerful, the blade is excellent for both self-defense in close quarters and everyday issues such as opening boxes.

 SNAGette Controller

This beauty is a great example of a “less than lethal” pain compliance tool. Small but extremely effective, the SNAGette is perfect for quick deployment in close quarters. It has not point or edge, but when properly used can inflict pain on even the toughest opponent. It also is perfect as a knife practice tool.

Tactical Tomahawk

Anyone who thinks only mean need a tomahawk are living far, far in the past. Tomahawks, such as the KHatchet from Krudo Knives, is the perfect tool for big cutting jobs as well as camping and hunting. Cut from a single piece of steel, this tool offers a variety of uses for women who want something in addition to a knife.

Women, more than ever, are independent. Carrying a knife or the tools listed above supports that independence. An edge tool can give them confidence they are ready for whatever life might throw their way.