Knives are one of the best multi-use tools available. While most people think of them for self-defense, there are many different uses for a knife.

Alternative Uses For A Knife

Is a knife the best tool for some of the jobs below? No. But what else can you carry that provides so many unexpected uses, especially when camping or hunting?

Consider these somewhat unexpected uses for your blade beyond self-defense, gutting game and skinning fish.


Many still whittle wood as a relaxing hobby that results in some interesting sculptures. While smaller knives are usually the best to use, it’s possible to whittle with any size knife.


Who needs disposable razors? A well-sharpened knife can provide a clean, close shave that is better than most razors.


Obviously, this is not something you want to plan on doing. It’s not great for the knife itself and not very efficient. However, if you are caught in a situation where no one brought a shovel, a knife can get the digging job done.

Sterilizing wounds

A red-hot knife can be used to sterilize a wound, just like you’ve seen it done in countless movies. Again, this is not something you want to plan on doing, but it’s yet another job a knife can get done if needed.

Path clearing

Knives can hack through the bush if needed, clearing your way. Not as effective as an ax, but tying your knife to a long, strong stick can extend your reach and make it even more effective.

Splitting wood

Sometimes called “batoning,” this involves wedging the blade into a piece of wood and then striking the spine with another piece of wood. It will split wood, especially dry wood, but it requires some finesse to not break the handle.

Create fire

Get your fire tender ready, then simply strike the blade with a stone. Instant spark, instant fire.

Can opener

Again, not the greatest tool to open a can. But it’s good to know a knife can open most cans if you are on a camping trip and someone forgot to bring the can opener.


If you’re caught without a hammer, the handle of a sheathed knife can come in handy to, for example, drive tent stakes into the ground.

These are some of the interesting uses for a knife. It truly is the one tool you need in almost any situation.