People get into knives for many different reasons. Some use them for specific purposes such as hunting or as a tactical tool, others simply enjoy collecting them because they appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a quality knife.

But what often gets overlooked is that knives are simply practical, every day tools that many cannot do without.

And why should they? Knives provide a variety of uses in everyday life. For the do-it-yourself kind of person, it’s essential to carry one at all times.

Carrying a Knife Daily: Uses of a Good Knife

Depending on how you spend your day, a knife can come in handy in many different ways. The following represent a few of those ways.

Hunting and fishing. Obviously, a good blade is an indispensable part of any hunting or fishing trip. You can clean a deer, scale a fish or butcher whatever wild game you have caught. It’s difficult to imagine life without a knife if you hunt or fish.

Cutting rope, packages, etc. How many can get through a week – sometimes even a day – without wishing they had a knife handy to cut a piece of rope or open a package? If you think about your average day, these type of situations come up often.

Self-defense. With the proper knife and training, having a blade can give you the added confidence that you can handle yourself if life puts you in a tough situation. You can even get small knives, such as a chevron knife, that fit into a purse or your pocket, easily accessible when needed.

Safety. Knives have advanced to the point that they come in many variations that can help you out in critical situations. There also are tactical pens available which can function as a glass breaker if, for example, you are trapped inside a car or need to break glass on a door.

Camping. A knife is a must if you enjoy sleeping in the great outdoors. Knives can be used for everything from cutting wood for a fire to digging holes. Knives also come in handy for slicing food while in the great outdoors, far away from your collection of kitchen knives. There are even tomahawks that can be used for many of the jobs in camping, like clearing brush.

A Good Knife Can Make the Difference

These represent just some of the everyday uses for a good knife. The key is to know what you want out of a knife, what you can spend and where to search for dependable, well-made knives. Once you figured all of that out and have a budget, you can find a knife that will best suit you. Chances are, if you choose well, it will become a constant companion that always comes through when you need it.