People around the world continue to work on the weapons of the future and more advanced weapons systems. The United States remains a leader in this area, developing more effective and efficient machines and weapons that incorporate cutting edge technology.

Weapons of The Future

Most of the following is designed for military use. However, over time some of the following weapons of the future may become available to civilians interested in using the best technology offers. Of course, those looking for alternatives to guns also have plenty of options that are available right now.

ADAPTIV Camouflage

When you can move undetected, you are deadlier than ever. Moving without being detected is the goal of ADAPTIV camouflage, which is advanced software that shields a military vehicle from detection. It makes thermal imaging systems useless and gives those on the same side a chance to recognize each other faster, cutting down on any “friendly fire” incidents.

The system involves software that can automatically heat or cool modules on a military vehicle, allowing it to blend into the background. The Swedish T Ghost tank is an example of a vehicle already using this technology. Essentially, it allows a tank to attack an enemy before it is even seen. It’s a cutting-edge addition to an already formidable list of current military weapons.

TASER Shockwave

A TASER is an effective method used by law enforcement to put someone down. But what if there are many “someones”? The TASER Shockwave provides the solution. Designed for use in a riot situation, this system fires multiple X26 stun guns in a 20-degree arc with a 25-foot range. You do not want to be on the receiving of this. But if you are part of a law enforcement unit trying to manage a large crowd at a riot, this is your new best friend.

Black Knight

This unmanned mobile combat unit is being developed for military use, although it’s easy to see how it could be used by law enforcement in certain situations. The idea is for the Black Knight, which resembles a small tank, to get sent into particularly dangerous situations and reduce the potential of injury to human beings. It’s like an unmanned space probe – think the Mars Rover – designed for military use.

Precision-Guided Firearms

Military fighter jets and some anti-aircraft and tank weapon systems have a locking system that provides for more accurate targeting than the human eye can accomplish.  TrackingPoint has developed a Precision-Guided Firearm system that allows “the average shooter to make shots beyond what the best marksman in the world can make with any other firearm.” It uses target tracking, advanced fire control and a heads-up display to make shooters of varying skill levels more accurate.

Electromagnetic Rail Gun

This cannon can blast holes through concrete walls hundreds 100 miles away by using a laser-powered targeting and firing system. The power source for this mammoth cannon is still being worked out, but it certainly will provide whatever military force that has it a clear advantage. It uses laser technology rather than controlled explosions, making it much more accurate and have a longer range than older weapons.

These are just a few of the mind-blowing weapons of the future on the horizon. For those with an interest in modern weapons and the direction they could go, these are some of the weapons they will find interesting.