Not everyone wants to own a firearm and are actively looking for alternatives to a gun, even for self-defense.

Alternatives To A Gun

The reasons can vary from person to person. It could be based on a past experience. It could simply be that you are not being comfortable with handling a firearm. But whatever the case, people often search for alternatives to carry on their person or use for protection in their car and home.

The following offer some of the alternatives for people who would rather not commit to carrying or keeping a gun.


Of course. We support the use of a knife as both tactical weapon and tool here at Krudo Knives. If you train properly and follow guidelines, you can eventually use a knife for self-defense in a way that will give you confidence no matter what life throws at you.

The choices include both fixed and folding knives, as well as pain compliance tools that function both as practice knives and in one-on-one confrontational situations.

Tactical Pen

Fewer things are as cool as a tactical pen, which seems like something Q would give to James Bond. Both a fully functioning pen and strategic weapon, the tactical pen converts to a titanium baton that can be used to break glass or for pain compliance (in other words, if they feel pain, they will comply).

Pepper Spray

A classic that’s been useful for years. Shooting this into the eye of an attacker will make them think twice about getting near you. Actually, it will leave them thinking about nothing but the searing pain in their eyeballs, giving you a chance to make a quick escape.


This is more a tool than a weapon and certainly cannot be carried around concealed on your person. However, if you want to keep a blade in your car or in your home that could certainly intimidate anyone who attempts to attack you, this will get it done. The KHatchet is a good example of what one can do. While this tomahawk from Krudo cannot be thrown, bear in mind that your opponent doesn’t know that.

Home security

Securing your home can be as complicated as getting the latest home security system and as simple as buying a dog. Research shows intruders shy away from homes with dogs. Sometimes, just having the signs of a dog (leash, doghouse, bowls on the porch) can deter intruders.

These are just some of the alternatives to a gun available for people who don’t want to carry. While each is useful in different types of situations, meaning you may need more than one, they also provide an effective and efficient alternative to carrying a firearm.