What makes a knife brand well respected? This question is one to ponder, and there are a few key areas to consider. This guide will cover what to look for when shopping for a designer knife, and what to avoid as well. Such an important purchase deserves the proper considerations, and that is a good enough reason to read through advice before you commit.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the most reliable methods for ascertaining whether or not a luxury knife brand is reputable and, therefore, trustworthy, is to read through the customer experience tales. These can be in the form of verified purchase reviews, social media, or word of mouth. Dedicate some time to read through a fair selection of previous customer stories to see whether the company you are considering treats its clients fairly, produces a top-quality product, and provides aftercare too.

The Aesthetic of the Product

The design of your knife is a personal choice, and you deserve to have options. Some brands offer customization of colors, which is a highly desirable market trend. Aside from the color theme, the material has to be of a certain standard too. Leather handles, sustainability, graded steel, and professional blades that fulfill their purpose are all things to look for. It has to feel comfortable and like a good fit for your hand too, all of these factors really count towards a great brand and a viable purchase.

The Reputation

There are lots of ways to tell the reputation of a company.

  • How they market their products.
  • The way they treat their customers.
  • The quality of products.
  • Their work and production moral code.

Take all these components into consideration, as where you buy is becoming as important as what you buy. A well-respected designer knife company like KRUDO will pour resources into nurturing its product selection and supporting its clients.

The Longevity

Whether or not the brand has been around for a long time or is fairly new is also food for thought. A well-established company provides a sense of longevity and is better able to manifest assumed trust for the consumer. A newer company feels like a leap of faith that you might not want to take when it comes to key purchases.

The Brand History

Give the potential brand a quick internet search alongside the search term ‘news articles’ to vet out any potential scandals or negative press. Everything counts, and it is your consumer duty to conduct thorough research. Customers want to connect with an origin story and learn where the product began and what inspired the creative process. This natural curiosity can open many doors and highlight vital qualities that guide the ultimate decision on what to buy and what not to.


Buying a designer knife is a personal thing. As a customer, you must know where your money is going and have some guarantees that the brand up for consideration will look after you, provide a solid product, and stay present afterward too.