Few things in life provide the satisfaction of a great cup of coffee. Fortunately, there are enough kinds of coffee out there to suit every taste. That means when you choose the best coffee, you’re not choosing one from someone else’s list, but the one that’s best for you.

That could mean a single varietal or a blend. It should mean hand-roasted when you order, so it maintains peak freshness. It should also mean that you don’t have to settle when you can get exactly what you want.

KRUDO keeps that in mind with its new locally roasted coffees that mix art and science to create a variety of coffee options. There are enough choices that one of them is going to be your favorite new brew.

What Is The Best Coffee Grinder?

The Many Varieties of Coffee

Much like picking the best coffee grinder, picking the best coffee for you takes some research in the kinds of coffee available. And by “research” we mean trying many different types of coffee. That’s not a bad thing.

If you’re wondering how to choose the best coffee, it helps to first understand the basics about coffee options.

Coffee Beans

Most of the coffee in the world comes from two kinds of beans: Arabica and Robusta. Coffees made from Arabica beans account for about 60% of all coffee consumed globally. Most Arabica beans come from Mexico, Central American and South America. Some are still grown in Ethiopia, where they originated.

Robusta beans typically have about twice the caffeine of Arabica beans. They are grown primarily in the Eastern Hemisphere, including Africa and Indonesia. Coffee brews use Robusta beans in expressos and stronger types of coffee. Brews from Robusta have a heavy body and low acidity, making them perfect for Vietnamese coffee and other strong blends.

Varieties and Varietals

These terms can confuse those new to learning about the kinds of coffee available. Varieties refers to the major subspecies or genetic makeup of a coffee plant, according to Roasty Coffee. Some varieties occur naturally, while others are hybrids, subvarieties and mutations. People use the term varietal to refer to the brew made from a specific variety.

Varieties of Arabica include Typica (from which Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee derive) and Gesha/Geisha. A popular subvariety of Typica is Bourbon, which provides more coffee cherries than typical Typica plants.

Brewing Methods

Much like varieties and varietals, you could go on for many hours discussing the different brewing methods for coffee. The most popular and frequently used methods include:

  • Filtered or Drip Coffee. The way most Americans drink their coffee, with ground coffee put into a paper filter and then hot water dripped through it into a carafe.
  • French Press. A plunger presses the coffee and separates the coffee grounds into the finished batch of coffee.
  • Iced coffee. Coffee is brewed using hot water, but then chilled with ice before serving.
  • Espresso Machine. Pressurized water pushes through a chamber of finely ground coffee and a filter, producing a shot-sized cup of espresso.
  • Percolated coffee. Using gravity, hot water cycles through coffee grounds.
  • Moka. A three-chambered pot is used to heat water that pushes steam through coffee grounds and into a top chamber that holds the resulting coffee.

That’s just a sample of the many ways you can brew coffee. You could spend a lifetime learning about different brewing processes and what works best for you. There are worse ways to spend your time!

What KRUDO Coffee Offers

KRUDO orders its coffee beans from Fair Trade and Direct Trade Partners because sustainability is part of KRUDO’s business model. KRUDO ensures they get the finest beans from the four major growing regions: Central America, South America, Africa and Indonesia.

KRUDO specializes in organic single varietals and blends. Every batch is hand-roasted when the order arrives, and then packed fresh for delivery.  No sitting on a shelf for days or weeks before you use it. Each order is ready to produce rich, full-bodied coffee.

Choices include:

  • KOGNITO. A medium-bodied breakfast blend
  • inKorrigible. A smooth and hearty dark roast
  • SNAG. A complex light roast with nutty velvety undertones
  • XCEED. A strong dark roast without the bitterness
  • MOZAIK. Any “anytime” roast, light and sweet.
  • MANIK. Espresso. Because sometimes, only espresso will do.

Whatever your preferred style of coffee, one of these choices will hit the sweet spot. But as with all things coffee, doing a bit of research on the choices first is at least half the fun.