The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) is an organization that focuses on promoting and protecting the rights of knife owners and knife makers in the United States. Because of its strong history of advocating for knife rights, it’s an organization worth joining for anyone in the U.S. who makes, buys, sells, owns, carries and uses knives and edge tools.

The organization has earned its reputation as the “reasonable and responsible voice of the knife community.”

AKTI History

Created in 1998, AKTI brings together industry leaders and members of the knife community into one organization. AKTI has a Board of Regents that serves to advocate for the knife community and the interests of both the knife industry and knife owners. No one on the board gets paid, and all pick up any of their expenses to attend board meetings. AKTI has an executive director to manage the day-to-day operations of the organization.

AKTI Goals

For those considering membership, it’s helpful to know their goals. They are broken down into three major areas.

Educate. AKTI seeks to educate lawmakers, the public and law enforcement about knives. That includes the history of the knife, one of man’s oldest tools, and how knives remain an essential and valuable tool in modern times.

Promote. American Knife & Tool Institute works to promote “reasonable, responsible, and consistent knife legislation” with federal, state, and local lawmakers, as well as with law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and the public. They seek laws that punish criminals, not a valuable tool.

Inform. Having accurate information is key to both education and promotion on issues that concern the knife community. It helps lawmakers, the knife industry, and knife owners make responsible decisions when it comes to knife-related issues.

AKTI at Work

According to the American Knife & Tool Institute website, the organization promotes knife-related legislation that has clarity of law and definitions because “clear, objective legislation is the foundation to a free people.” Without such clarity, law enforcement is inconsistent in how it applies the law and those who live within the law may still experience “unnecessary anxiety.” AKTI focuses on the creation of consistent laws everywhere to avoid the issue of knife owners having to become experts in the details of every knife law, everywhere they travel.

Current issues include repeal of the commerce prohibitions of the Federal Switchblade Act of 1958 and promotion of the Senate Interstate Transport Act that will protect the rights of knife owners when they travel.

As can be seen, American Knife & Tool Institute is an organization worth joining for knife owners because it works to protect their rights. For both knife users and members of the knife industry, AKTI is an advocate and a resource, which is why KRUDO Knives recommends that you consider becoming a member or even just donating to this worthy cause.

With so many trying, in this present time, to take away our rights, AKTI works hard to uphold what our founding fathers wanted for us….our freedom.