Sometimes, it’s just not enough to carry the best knife, hatchet or tactical weapon possible.

You also want to look cool doing it.

The United States is in an era where people wear clothes that often show where they stand. Sports fans have gear emblazoned with the logo of their favorite team. The same goes for universities and even political affiliations – think of the Make America Great Again caps in the 2016 election.

For knife owners and collectors, urban gear is just another way of letting people know where you are coming from. There’s nothing serious about it – you don’t have to own a black skull beanie to be a better knife owner. But you look better doing it.

Most knife companies have gear, and Krudo Knives is no exception. The emphasis is on making the best knives and other tactical tools, but the company also has taken the time to produce a small-but-impressive lineup of urban gear.

Here are some examples from the Krudo line-up. Any of them make a great addition to a birthday or holiday gift list.


Masculine and with a message, the Krudo knives T-shirts lets everyone know where you are coming from, with style.

The main T-shirt is black with the red Krudo logo over the left chest. On the back is a larger rendition of the logo and the phrase: “When What You Carry Matters.” As with all smart clothes designed for men, it goes with everything.

The Krudo Axios T-shirt also comes in black with the Krudo logo on both front and back, with just one other simple word: “axios.” But the message is powerful. Axios in Greek means “worthy of.”

For those with a certain sense of humor, the Blade Porn T-shirt is perfect. It has the logo as well as the phrase on the back: “Feel the blade appeal.” Really it needs to be seen to really get it. Not into black? Krudo also offers an olive green T-shirt with the “skull in the K” logo used by Krudo.


Guys are going to wear hats. Why not wear a cool one? The main Krudo baseball-style cap is black with the red Krudo logo. That’s all it has, because that’s all it needs to have.

Krudo also offers the beanie mentioned above, which comes in black with the red skull logo. Perfect for colder weather or just wanting to look tougher.

Tactical Bag

If you want something other than clothes, you can also email to get on the waiting list for the Krudo tactical bag. Called a Tachel (for tactical sachel), this bag can be carried over the shoulder, on your thigh or across your chest. It includes compartments for knives as well as a cell phone.

The urban gear list from Krudo is really all you need. All make great gifts for the knife-owner in your life.