College graduates are ready to take on the professional world. But before they make that transition, it’s time to enjoy the gifts for grads that are headed their way.

Gifts For Grads

For gift givers, it’s a good time to come up with ideas for gifts that graduates can actually use. Because let’s face it: a lot of people leave college without the slightest idea of what it’s like to live in the real world.

Help them out with an idea from the following list.

A Watch

Having a reliable timepiece is something adults always have done – in fact, it’s long been a symbol of adulthood. Certainly, keeping track of time is something successful adults do well. Set your graduate up for success.

New Computer

Chances are, a college graduate has been grinding it out on the same laptop since freshman year. Few people want to invest in a new laptop while in school unless they absolutely must. Set the graduate up for the start of their professional life with a nice, new laptop.

Adult Clothes

Don’t laugh. Most graduates get their degree while still wearing T-shirts, shorts and jeans. These days, many jobs will allow people to wear the same apparel. Still, it doesn’t hurt to give a graduate a nice shirt, suit, pants or jacket to wear for those days when it’s time to dress like you are over the age of 16.

Revolute Folder

Giving graduates a pocket knife has long been a tradition. Upgrade to an even better choice by giving them a durable, dependable knife that also has a glass breaker in case of emergencies. Unfortunately, those are likely to come up eventually, so it’s good to be ready.

A Good Coffee Maker

Coffee is a necessity in the professional world – except for those few people who don’t drink coffee, a strange and rare species. Give the graduate a fighting chance of being awake by the time they reach the office (especially on a Monday) by giving them a new coffee maker for their new home.

Gym Membership

Just as important as coffee (more so, actually) is staying physically fit. These gifts for grads help young graduates keep up with the fast pace of professional life. It also keeps the graduate from becoming one of those desk jockeys who looks like they struggle just walking to their car at the end of the day. Make the hard decision for them and get them a gym membership.

Cool Tech

The Amazon Echo seems to be the most popular choice in this area at the moment. The Echo allows you to control an entire range of functions in your house, including listening to music, getting news and even calling Uber.

Tool Set

You don’t have to go out and get them a full set of power tools. A simple fix-it kit with hammer, screwdrivers, pliers and a back-up flashlight should get the job done. Since this is their first home, its likely to be an apartment. So, it doesn’t have to be a big kit, just one that can handle routine home chores.

Travel Bag

People tend to exit college without a good travel bag. And being a professional is eventually going to mean having to travel. It also will make them look like they’ve got it together on weekend getaways with friends. A similar gift could be a backpack if camping or hiking is more of their thing.


Consider a few umbrellas, since they so often get lost. An umbrella is something no one thinks about until they open the door, see it’s raining and wish they had one. Keep young professionals from having to sprint to their car with their briefcase over their head and give them an umbrella or two to have for just such situations.

College was fun. But young adulthood is even more fun. But it also comes with more responsibility, which is why gifts for grads from the above list can set a graduate’s feet on the right path.