As with anything in life, a lot of practice leads to better performance. Nowhere is this more important than in handling a knife, a tool that will serve you for life as long as you know the proper way to use it.

That’s where practice knives come in, as well as compliance tools.

With practice knives, you can learn to how to wield a knife in a safe way. It also allows for you to practice various moves you might need to make in a dangerous situation.

Compliance tools, which also do not have a sharpened blade, also can be used for practice. However, they also allow you to learn tactics that can help if life throws you into a threatening situation, but not one that requires a regular knife.

Investing in either one gives you another weapon in your arsenal, and also makes you a far better knife owner. You will be glad of both if you get into a dangerous situation.

Quality Training Knives

Training knives come in a variety of styles. Choosing the right one requires research and an idea of how you want to use your knife.

Many people spend money on a quality knife, but make the mistake of never putting in the time to practice. Many top knife makers offer practice knives for this reason, including a large collection from Krudo Knives.

When considering what quality training knives to buy, consider some of the important issues such as the size of the knife, the weight and whether it feels comfortable in your hand. It’s important that whatever you choose meets these criteria.

Also consider issues such as the material used for the training knife (choices include steel, rubber, aluminum and wood). It’s the same with the handles – choose a material that makes you comfortable.

Compliance Tools

Some training knives also can be used as a pain compliance tool. Such a tool can be used to strike an opponent without cutting them, but causing enough pain that they will be stopped and you can use the time to escape or further incapacitate them.

Krudo Knives offers the SNAG Controller for just these situations. Made of polymer, this compliance tools is both lightweight and effective.

As a personal protection tool, the SNAG Controller – when properly utilized – is a good choice for those in security, law enforcement or those who want an advantage in potential hand-to-hand combat situations.

There is an even smaller version, the SNAGette, which allows even more ease in carrying the tool concealed and ready to put into action.

Whether you use straightforward quality training knives or a pain compliance tool, the important issue is practice using them until you are completely comfortable with handling them. A knife is a very personal, very important choice. You want to make sure you know the proper way to use it.