Purchasing a knife as a gift can seem daunting to those who do not know exactly what type of knife they should give a loved one. After all, for those who carry a knife, the one they choose to have with them is a very personal choice.

Of course, if you know what the recipient wants, then by all means, a knife remains a great gift. Just remember to keep certain important factors in mind. You might also want to understand the significance of giving a coin with the knife.

Another option is to leave the knife-buying to the person who will carry it. Instead, you can search for all the various accessories and gear offered for knife owners and find something that best suits your gift recipient.

Much like knives, the variety of choices has expanded over recent years.

Gift for Knife Owners: Accessory Options

Thanks to the popularity of knives, there now are a number of categories for accessories and gear, from the “just for fun” to the truly useful. The below list represents some of your options this holiday shopping season in a few different categories.

Phone Cases

One of the more popular current items for knife owners is the phone protection case that comes with a knife. The case provides protection from dropping or otherwise damaging a mobile phone. They also contain a knife that remains concealed within the case. However, users can quickly deploy it if needed. These phone cases provide knife owners with solutions for both protecting their phone and a way to conceal an extra knife. They come in sizes for both iPhone and Galaxy phones, available for a limited time.


One issue every knife owner faces is the problem of where to conceal a blade. You need both the ability to conceal your knife but also the ability to quickly deploy it. The phone cases answer that question for an extra blade, but a holster does so for your main knife. Considered a must-have in self-defense situations, the holsters allow people to quickly deploy a folding blade knife. Depending on the type, the holster can be worn around the neck or through a belt loop near the pocket.

Urban Gear

This represents the “just for fun” area – for the most part – and also the widest variety. Depending on where you shop you can get T-shirts, caps and cool patches (including the alien protection plan patch and many others).  Also, this area includes important items such as a tactical bag that can be used to carry everything from a knife to a phone and even extra food.

For the person you know who loves knifes, getting a new tactical tool for the holidays is a great gift. But you can also branch out your gift search to the accessories and gear that will please the knife-owner in your life.