As every knife owner knows, only those who don’t have a knife call them a weapon.

Knives aren’t weapons. Knives are tools that can help in any number of situations. That’s why some of the most popular knives are multi-use tools that owners carry everywhere.

The reason for the popularity is not a surprise. Long ago, before knives started getting banned as if they are dangerous weapons, people began developing knives that could handle a variety of tasks.

Here are a few examples.

Historical Multi-Use Knives

The idea of having a multi-use knife dates back at least as far as the Roman Empire. Soldiers carried tools that doubled as a fighting blade and a utensil for eating. But any conversation about a multi-use knife – whether you are a fan or not – has to start with the Swiss Army Knife.

Swiss Army Knife

Developed in the late 1880s to fulfill a request from the Swiss army, the Swiss Army Knife originally had a blade, screwdriver, bottle opener, wire stripper and a can opener. It now comes in a variety of versions that have a number of tools.  They can include tweezers, nail file, scissors, a tooth pick and magnifying glass. While some find the assortment doesn’t meet the demands of their tasks, there’s no denying the Swiss were the first to really take the idea of multi-use to the extreme.

The Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool

About 100 years later, in 1983, Tim Leatherman created his “pocket survival tool.” Here, though, the emphasis was not on the knife. The tool is dominated by a large pair of needle-nose pliers. It does have a small blade that retracts into the handle. While called “pocket,” carrying the tool typically requires a pouch.

Pen Knives

The exact history of the pen knife is not agreed upon, but it emerged in the 20th century as a tool that combined a concealed blade with a writing pen. They now come in a variety of styles, including those that have a razor, a letter opener or more study blades for carving wood, peeling fruit and cutting meat.

But from those beginning, multi-use knives in the 21st century have taken on a number of new looks.

Krudo Knives

Many examples of multi-use knives are included in the Krudo Knives lineup.

They include the SNAG line of knives, one of the most advanced blades Krudo offers. Designed by owner Louis Krudo, the SNAG line features knives that excel in self-defense situations as well as for camping and hunting.

They include the new SNAG X Live Blade Folder, which has both the main stainless steel blade and a serrated upper blade. The latest SNAG knifes has a black and silver color scheme.

Another example are the Krubaton tactical pens. They function both as a writing pen and a titanium baton that can break glass or injure an attacking opponent.

Those represent just two of the many choices from Krudo. Knives are tools, and the smartest knife-owners like blades that can help them accomplish what needs to get done, no matter the situation.