Most knife owners want to buy their own knives. Choosing the right knife is a personal choice, and most knife owners spend many hours researching the exact type of knife they want to own. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many cool knife owner gift ideas perfectly suited for them.

Unique Knife Owner Gift Ideas

The following knife owner gift ideas are something to consider if you want a unique, interesting gift for the knife owner in your life.  It lets them know you put some thought into a gift that will suit their interests.

Tactical Pens

Tactical pens are a cool and useful tool. For example, the Krubaton comes with a refillable ink pen on one end. On the other end is a glass breaker that also can be used in self-defense. With both ends capped, the pen becomes a powerful baton that functions as a pain compliance tool.

Pain Compliance Tools

Speaking of pain compliance tools, they are another interesting choice for a gift.  They serve two main purposes.

First, they work well as practice knives. Smart knife owners know to put in knife practice time with tools that do not have a blade. The aluminum training knives offered by Krudo are a good example of knives that allow for practice without the risk of injury.

Second, they are called pain compliance tools for a reason. Used properly, these tools can inflict damage on an attacker without cutting them. Practice is needed to know where and how to strike an opponent. But in the right hands, a pain compliance tool can get you out of many tough situations life may put you in.

Urban Gear and Accessories

Many of the knife owner gift ideas in this area are fun. Others can prove more useful. In either case, it’s hard to go wrong giving a knife owner something cool in gear or accessories. They range from hats and shirts to hanks that can keep your blade clean.

Or…A New Knife

As noted above, a knife is typically a very personal choice. However, if you know what type of knife your gift recipient wants, it’s a wonderful way to surprise them in the holiday season. Just take great care in choosing the blade.

Know why they want the knife. Is it for self-defense? You likely want to look at easy-to-conceal folding knifes. Or is it more for hunting and camping? A fixed blade might be the way to go. The way the knife will be used plays a critical part in which knife to gift.

Keep Laws In Mind

Before purchasing a knife for a gift, it’s important to check local laws. Some parts of the country allow carrying concealed knives. The length of the blade typically should remain below 3 inches. Anything longer than that might be illegal in many places.

Just remember that laws vary greatly depending on location. A simple web search should take you to where local governments have posted information on knife rules and regulations.

These are some of the issues to keep in mind when buying a gift for knife owners. Whatever you give them, they will be happy you put the thought into a gift they can actually use.