As much as we want to feel safe when we are out on our own, the world can sometimes be a very hazardous place. And when something does go wrong, it typically happens without warning.

That’s why self-defense classes can be such an important part of life for so many people.

There are a number of self-defense classes that you can take, all of which range in both styles and techniques. But the reasons for doing so are universal.

An Increased Feeling of Safety. Few people walk around expecting to be physically attacked, but there are often moments of anxiety, depending on where you find yourself. Mastering self-defense moves can lessen your anxiety and make you feel better prepared to handle whatever the world might throw at you.

Most self-defense courses can teach you how to quickly disable an attacker. There are many different places to you learn self-defense, each using different approaches but with the same goal of escaping or disabling an attacker.

One example is K.U.T (KRUDO Urban Tactics) from Krudo Knives. Some of the goals of K.U.T. include:

  • Using less-than-lethal tools to disable opponents
  • Using environmental awareness, pain management and verbal disorientation to escape attackers, with physical violence as a last resort
  • Exercises to strengthen yourself both physical and mentally
  • How to position your body if attacked
  • Techniques to disable an opponent using hands, feet or less-than-lethal tools

Better Physical Health. Going through a self-defense class will lead to better physical health. Not only will learning various defense tactics require that you make demands on yourself physically, but you will also become flexible and strong as you learn how to twist and turn your body away from an opponent. Learning various punches and kicks will also increase your balance and strength.

Increased Self-Confidence. It’s hard to measure how much better you will feel about yourself, but almost everyone gets an elevated sense of self-confidence knowing they can handle themselves in a tough situation. It also helps you be more relaxed in group situations where you are meeting new people.

Knowledge about best self-defense practices. Some of what most classes teach goes beyond how to defend yourself just with physical tactics. You will also learn good self-defense practices, such as observing your surroundings for quick exits or avoiding potential places where an assailant may hide, placing your purse strap across your chest diagonally or even how use it as a defensive tool – even ways to walk that will make you look less like a potential victim.

Making New Friends. As with a lot of activities, those who enroll in a self-defense class will meet like-minded people who are going through the same issues you might face. Both on an emotional and physical level, you are likely to meet people who understand you well.

Whatever your reasons for entering a self-defense, the discipline, camaraderie and physical fitness that happens as a result are all positive results that can help improve not only your self-confidence, but your health and sense of well-being.