Update on Colorado Gravity Knife Legislation

As of 2017 and the passage of Senate Bill 17-008, it is now legal to possess and carry gravity knives in Colorado. This legislative change marks a significant shift in the state’s approach to gravity knives, aligning with evolving views on knife ownership and use.

Colorado Introduces Bill to Legalize Gravity Knives

A bill that would remove gravity knives from the list of illegal knives to own in Colorado has passed a key state House committee. The bill is expected to soon come to the full House for a vote.

The legislation is one of many around the country that deals with illegal knives. The gravity knife has been a source of controversy in different areas around the country.

That includes New York City as well. New York also has an ongoing battle between knife advocates and opponents to make the often-used knives legal.

Colorado Gravity Knives Law

In Colorado, two state legislators turned to help from the American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI) to draft the legislation that removes gravity knives and automatic knifes from the list of illegal weapons in state law.

The measure already had passed the Senate and now has passed the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 10-1.

State Sen. Owen Hill, a sponsor of the bill, said in a prepared statement that “ensuring that the laws of our state protects the rights of Coloradans using knives and edged tools for daily, professional, and recreational use is one of the most important things our legislature can do.”

He said the bill “will allow outdoorsmen and tradesmen alike to use their automatic knives without fear of inadvertently breaking the law.”

Helping Knife Owners Stay Legal

What Owen mentioned has been a concern of knife owners in New York City and around the country. Many people are not even aware they are breaking the law using a gravity knife. The majority of the knives are used as a tool by day laborers and people in the construction industry.

In some cases, retailers sell the knives without the slightest idea they are breaking the law.

In Colorado, one of the people who testified for the bill is John Youngblood, a 23-year combat veteran. He noted that under federal law, he was allowed to keep an automatic knife. However, Colorado law made it a crime to carry one. He called the law “superfluous.”

AKTI Executive Director Jan Billeb said “burdensome prohibitions restrict Coloradans from possessing critical tools that are used by tradesmen, hunters, veterans, and all citizens as a part of their daily lives.”

AKTI is a non-profit group that represents the rights of knife owners and the knife industry. The organization is working on backing legislation in various parts of the country against what it calls “arbitrary, inconsistent and ineffective government restrictions.”

Those include legislation in Georgia, Illinois, Montana, New York, Texas and Virginia.

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