With many states and cities allowing people to carry concealed firearms – and even more places allow for concealed knives – the question becomes: where to conceal your tactical weapon?

Faced with this issue, many companies have created concealed carry bags.

While many of the bags target women, they have now evolved to the point where they are available for both genders. It’s easy to see why they have become popular items.

The Advantages of Choosing a Concealed Carry Bag

When looking for a concealed carry bag, it’s important to keep the main point in mind and not get distracted by the bells and whistles.

A good carry bag allows you to conceal a tactical weapon, but also allows for quick and easy access. With the idea being protection against attack or assault, clearly this is the main feature for any carry bag and must be considered first.

In the case of women, such a bag is a big advantage over carrying a weapon in a purse, mixed in with other items.

The better bags allow for concealing both knives and firearms, and also handy equipment such as flashlights and even cash and credit cards.

The KRUDO Knives Concealed Carry Bag

One example of a well-designed concealed carry bag is the TACHEL Every Day Carry Tactical Bag from KRUDO Knives.

The bag comes with an array of features to make a carry bag convenient and effective for a variety of uses. Some of the features include:

  • Pockets and “quick deploy” options can be used with both firearms and knife concealment.
  • Can be carried on your shoulder, across your chest or in a case strapped to your thigh
  • Can also convert to being carried as a hand pouch
  • The shoulder strap also comes with a zippered compartment
  • Can be attached to other backpacks with molle straps or clips
  • A compartment for your cell phone and pocket for your credit cards
  • Pockets for a mini flashlight and cash

Issues to Keep in Mind

No matter what bag you choose, there are many issues to consider. Like anything involving tactical weapons, safety is a top priority.

Some of the issues include: make sure that the bag contains a holster that covers the trigger and trigger guard; always keep the bag with you when there is a gun inside and practice drawing the gun from the bag (unloaded, of course).

Make sure to practice wearing the bag in different positions and decide what is best for you in terms of both carrying it and drawing the weapon. Some prefer carrying it over the shoulder, while others feel across the body is a better location (and harder for someone to grab).

Keep safety issues in mind and practice, practice, practice. A concealed tactical weapon is supposed to act as another level of protection, but it will only be effective if you know how to use it properly.