When it comes to wanting to carry a concealed knife in a small case, one of the best options are cell phone knives.

Easily concealed and simple to deploy, a cell phone knife is both a convenient and dependable way to handle whatever situation you find yourself in.

There are many benefits to choosing a cell phone case for concealing your knife, and not all of them involve the knife itself.

Benefits of Cell Phone Knives

There is wisdom to hiding things in plain sight, and nothing is more “in plain sight” than a cell phone. A miracle of modern technology, cell phones today combine the ability to call, text and email people while also allowing access to applications and the Internet.

And now, it also allows you to carry a concealed knife within the cell phone case without drawing attention to yourself.

Consider these benefits:

  • A concealed cell phone knife case allows you to carry a knife that can be quickly and easily deployed
  • In addition to protecting the person carrying it, the case also protects the phone itself from the inevitable drops or banging it against hard surfaces
  • Some models also come with a slot for a micro thumb drive on which you can put critical data

Examples of Concealed Cell Phone Knives

To get a better understanding of the details of what a concealed cell phone knife offers, it’s instructional to look at specific models offered by knife-makers.

One of the leading knife-makers in the market is KRUDO Knives, which offers concealed cell phone knife cases for both the iPhone 5 and the newer iPhone 6 as well as Samsung models.

Features of both include:

  • Black Type 3 Anodize Aluminum case
  • Built-in Allen key pocket
  • Stone Wash Titanium CHEVRON knife
  • Weight of 5.5 ounces
  • On some models, an optional 32 gigabyte thumb drive slot is available

The iPhone cell phone knife case is “one of the coolest on the market and has been a top seller since we rolled it out,” according to the KRUDO site.

No matter which iPhone version you have or which case you choose, the cell phone knife case offers you not only great protection for yourself, but also your phone. It is a great choice for those looking for a simple way to carry a concealed knife that can be easily deployed, giving you confidence no matter what situation life throws your way.