The first thing to know about a bug out bags is that no two are exactly alike. That’s why when getting ready to prepare a bug out bag, it’s important to start by listing all the items you think you will need.

Bug Out Bag Items

Some of the items on this list can be found right here at Krudo Knives. There is a wide range of products from Krudo, from folding and fixed blade knives to compliance tools. Here are some ideas for what you might want to have if it’s time to hit the road in a hurry.

But first – a word on the bag itself. While people can go either way on this issue, generally it’s a smart move to have your list before deciding what kind of bag you need. Most of what follows is basic in nature, aimed at the many people who are, for the first time in their lives, thinking about creating a bug out bag.


This is No. 1 with a bullet. No water, no survival. It’s that simple. Under the best of circumstances, the average man needs about 3.7 liters a day, according to the Mayo Clinic. The average woman needs about 2.7 liters. These, clearly, will not be the best of circumstances. Still, take as much as possible to get as close as you can to that amount.

Having a solid plan on where you are going – a secure place with abundant water supply – is also key. Water is an area that is worthy of giving a lot of attention and planning.


Plan for food as if water will be scarce. It’s better to be pleasantly surprised than caught in a situation where all your food requires adding water. Use non-perishable food items and take at least three days’ worth – although closer to a week would be better. You can live without food for longer periods of time, so reducing calorie intake is a good strategy. Bring lightweight but durable cooking utensils, and a can opener and spork.


It’s impossible to write in detail about clothing, because only you know where you live. Obviously, warmer clothes for cold climates and vice versa. Whatever the case, use a durable make of cloth. In all climates, including a rain poncho, an extra pair of strong boots and plenty of thick, well-made socks.


You will need both folders and fixed blades, depending on the task at hand. Obviously, they also are valuable for self-defense. Take plenty of time to choose as many as you think you might need, as well as the size and handle you are very comfortable with. Consider getting a compliance tool to practice with your knife – and for non-lethal self-defense.


As with water, this is not an area to skimp on. Don’t think you’ll sleep on soft earth, covered with leaves. Invest in lightweight sleeping bag and a tent if you can find a compact one that will fold into your bag. Why? Because sleep deprivation can lead to serious health issues just like lack of water. Well-hydrated and rested is what you want to aim for with both water and sleep.

Other Items

Other major items you will want:

  • Something to start a fire – this is no time to rub two sticks together.
  • Extensive first aid kit
  • Insect repellent
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – you don’t want to end up like this.
  • Hand sanitizers and wipes
  • Toilet paper
  • Machete
  • Flashlights and plenty of batteries
  • Battery-powered radio

For some, this will seem basic. For others, it will seem like too much (do you really need toothpaste?). But it offers a good starting point for those putting together ideas for their bug out bag. It’s not something to be taken lightly. And as with most endeavors, the chances of success improve by making smart, detailed plans.