The first thing to know about a bug out bags is that no two are exactly alike. That’s why when getting ready to prepare a bug out bag, it’s important to start by listing all the items you think you will need.

Bug Out Bag Items

Before diving into the essentials of a bug out bag, it’s important to consider the bag itself. A common approach is to first compile a list of necessary items and then choose a bag that accommodates these essentials. This guide is primarily designed for those who are new to the concept of a bug out bag, focusing on fundamental elements to include. By understanding what you need to pack, you can make a more informed decision about the type and size of the bag that will best suit your emergency preparedness needs.


No water, no survival. It’s that simple. Water is the utmost priority in any survival scenario. According to Harvard Health, the amount of water needed can vary based on factors like health, activity level, and climate. While the average needs are about 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women, in survival situations, these requirements may increase.

Carrying as much as possible and planning for a water source is critical. Understanding your hydration needs and planning accordingly is essential for survival preparedness.


When planning your food supply, assume water will be in limited supply. It’s wise to be prepared with non-perishable items that don’t require water to prepare, avoiding the risk of being stranded with unusable food. Aim to pack a minimum of three days’ worth of food, though a week’s supply is ideal. Since it’s possible to survive longer periods without food, consider prioritizing foods that are high in energy but low in volume. Include lightweight, durable cooking tools, alongside essentials like a can opener and a spork, to ensure you’re well-equipped for meal preparation under any circumstances.


Crafting a comprehensive guide on clothing for survival situations is challenging due to the vast differences in individual needs and environmental conditions. Your clothing choices should be directly influenced by your local climate – opting for heavier layers in colder regions and lighter attire for warmer areas. Regardless of the climate, prioritize durable materials that can withstand rugged conditions. Essential items for all environments include a rain poncho, an extra pair of sturdy boots, and multiple pairs of thick, high-quality socks to ensure comfort and protection in various circumstances.


Krudo offers an extensive selection of products, including both folding and fixed blade knives, along with compliance tools, essential for those times when you need to leave quickly. The choice between folders and fixed blades will depend on the specific task at hand, and they’re also invaluable for self-defense. Take the time to select knives that suit your needs, paying attention to size and handle for comfort. Additionally, consider incorporating a compliance tool into your kit, not only to enhance your proficiency with the knife but also as a non-lethal self-defense option.


As with water, this is not an area to skimp on. Don’t think you’ll sleep on soft earth, covered with leaves. Invest in lightweight sleeping bag and a tent if you can find a compact one that will fold into your bag. Why? Because sleep deprivation can lead to serious health issues just like lack of water. Well-hydrated and rested is what you want to aim for with both water and sleep.

Other Items

Other major items you will want:

  • Something to start a fire – this is no time to rub two sticks together.
  • Extensive first aid kit
  • Insect repellent
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – you don’t want to end up like this.
  • Hand sanitizers and wipes
  • Toilet paper
  • Machete
  • Flashlights and plenty of batteries
  • Battery-powered radio

For some, this will seem basic. For others, it will seem like too much (do you really need toothpaste?). But it offers a good starting point for those putting together ideas for their bug out bag. It’s not something to be taken lightly. And as with most endeavors, the chances of success improve by making smart, detailed plans.