Too often, people buy wedding party gifts for guys that are more about what the giver thinks they want rather than what the guys really like.

Useful & Cool Wedding Party Gifts

Let’s face it. Men can be hard to buy for at a wedding. Men often seem like they don’t care much what they get. But then they also can be pretty picky about what they like. That’s guys for you.

But whether it’s the groom or the groomsmen, the following ideas are geared for what guys actually like. They’re either useful, cool or both. Check out this list if you are in the market for wedding party gifts for guys.

Craft Beer 12-Pack Bottle Cooler

Cool guys don’t drink regular beers, anymore. Or maybe some do. But for the craft beer-loving groom, a cooler is the perfect gift. Because the only thing that beats having a craft beer is having the ability to take the craft beer with you. The best coolers offer spacious, insulated interiors to keep the brew cold and padded straps to make it that much easier to transport the beverages.

.50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

Yes, that’s right. The creative world of bottle openers just got that much better. Using real bullet casings obtained from the U.S. military, these bottle openers all are created using casings from .50 caliber bullets have actually been fired. It’s a unique way to give a guy a cool tool for opening his beer.

Push Dagger

The MANIK push dagger has got both the style and the function that guys like. It’s got a two-finger handle and a carabiner that makes it easy to attach to, say, a keychain. It also comes with a sheath that makes it easy to carry concealed. It makes a Swiss Army Knife seem very quaint and tame by comparison. Consider this wedding party gift for the man who wants a strong, effective and unique knife to carry. And you can get it engraved with the groom’s or groomsmen’s names or the wedding date.

BBQ Grilling Set with Bamboo Case

The groom is a guy. Of course, he’s going to grill. That’s especially true now that he’s getting married and the frequency of block parties and get-togethers with neighbors is about to increase. A lot. A personalized set of grilling utensils and a sturdy box to put them in will mean the husband-to-be is ready at a moment’s notice to fire up the grill.

Leather Duffle Bag

Men like to be able to get up and go quickly, whether it’s for work or for pleasure. Nothing is sadder than watching a guy stuff his belongings into a worn-out backpack. Get him ready for a more sophisticated phase of life with a rugged duffle bag that can take the beating he’s almost certain to give it.

Glass Whiskey Decanter

Guys are often associated with beer. Men are associated with whiskey. If your wedding party gifts are for guys ready to step up their game, then a personalized glass whiskey decanter can do that and score major style points. Because if you’re going to drink whiskey, drink it right.

These are just some of the wedding party gift ideas for men. They often can be the hardest to buy for. But once you understand the stuff guys really want and need, it makes it that much easier.