Yes, it sounds very James Bond: a pen that is both a writing tool and, when needed, a weapon.

But you don’t need Q to hook you up with just such a tactical tool in the real world.

Tactical pens have grown in popularity in recent years. The reasons aren’t complex. Tactical pens are small. They can perform all kinds of useful functions. And, when you get right down to it, tactical pens are just cool.

After all, what else can you use to both sign documents and protect yourself and loved ones in a tense situation? Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than an Aston Martin.

In this article we look at the uses of a tactical pen, such as the one you can get from KRUDO Knives. Versatile and easy to conceal, these pens give you the security and reliability you need from a tactical tool.

Uses of a Tactical Pen: First, It’s A Pen

You wouldn’t call it a tactical pen if you couldn’t write with it, now would you? Much like Bond, a tactical pen conceals itself in the wide open. The Krubaton from KRUDO Knives has one end that is a Parker-style pen with refillable ink. No one will know as you sign papers that it’s also an extremely versatile tactical tool. Further, it comes in three different color schemes: matte blue, matte gold and brushed titanium. Nothing wrong with being tactical and looking good.

It’s Also a Glass Breaker

While getting into a situation where you need to break glass is not fun to think about, it certainly helps knowing you have the tool you need in case life throws you a sudden curveball (“sudden” is how life always throws curveballs). Tactical pens address that need. Take off the cap on end of the Krubaton, for example, and you have the pen. Take off the other and you have a glass breaker capable of smashing glass on car windows, doors or house windows – just in case the need arises.

And A Pain Compliance Tool

Pain compliance has become a popular way for self-defense experts to teach people how to handle tough situations. While the wounds inflicted aren’t always severe and certainly not fatal, inflicting pain to slow an attacker is often the best choice. By having the caps on both ends, the entire pen is transformed into a half-inch titanium mini-baton of amazing strength. Pick a spot on an attacker and hammer it with either end of the pen. As Louis Krudo says, doing so slows or stops an attacker, giving you time to “run away, or scream, or call for the police.”

These represent the three main uses of a tactical pen. While it may not transform you into a super-cool British spy, it will provide you with the tactical tool you need for emergency situations, as well as a stylish way to sign your documents.