• Take your wardrobe to the next level with the Blade Porn T-Shirt from KRUDO Urban Gear. This soft cotton T-Shirt is comfortable and stylish, plus it is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Black with red and white lettering, this Blade Porn T-Shirt is bold and ready for you.

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  • Grab the MMF aluminum training knife and take your training to the next level. This lightweight and brightly colored trainer is perfect for training and practice scenarios. Modeled after the live blade MMF, this trainer gives you the confidence you need to train properly.
  • Practice makes perfect! The HAIKU aluminum training knife is modeled off the live blade HAIKU which was feature in the 2013 ZOMBIE MASSACRE movie. Lightweight and brightly colored it is perfect for training and practicing your moves.
  • Realistic and safe, the KRONA Aluminum Training Knife provides a highly efficient tool for training and practicing your technique. Lightweight and affordable, don't take chances, train with the proper tools and be prepared for whatever may come your way.
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    KRUDO Patch

    Deep black with KRUDO's red lettering the KRUDO patch means business in a stylish way. Show your support and become part of the KRUDO Nation by adding our patch to your KRUDO Urban gear.
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    Krudo Knives Blade Porn Patch Krudoo Knives Blade Porn Patch
    Create blade envy and little curiosity with the KRUDO Blade Porn patch. Part of the KRUDO Urban Gear lineup, this patch offers a bit of sexy and a lot of hotness as you show your enthusiasm for high quality knives. Take your knife fetish to the next level and wear our KRUDO Blade Porn patch with pride.  
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    TACHEL Tactical Carry Bag TACHEL Everyday Carry Tactical Bag
    The TACHEL (Tactical Satchel) is your solution for an everyday carry bag that serves multiple roles. Numerous pockets and quick deploy options provide options for firearms and knife concealment and even a convenient pocket for your cell phone. Extremely versatile, it can be carried on your shoulder, across your chest and even in as a tactical case on your thigh. With adjustable straps and storage options for nearly anything, this is the only tactical bag you will ever need. The TACHEL was designed with the idea to change the way you carry it depending of environmental or social situation.
    • Shoulder carry with strap that is easily adjustable to any preferred height
    • Same shoulder strap can be adjusted for waist carry
    • Shoulder strap come with a pad that has a zippered compartment
    • The TACHEL comes with a set of Velcro short straps and quick release clips. This allows for it to be attached to your belt. You can also attached it to your thigh with the included thigh strap.
    • Short straps can be configured to act as purse handles, making TACHEL a hand carry pouch.
    • Webbing on the back allows for attaching to other backpacks with molle straps or clips
    Check out the Video below to see the TACHEL in action.
  • WWYCM Green T-Shirt from KRUDO Urban Gear
    The KRUDO Knives WWYCM Green T-Shirt from KRUDO Urban Gear is soft and made from high quality materials. It is a perfect t-shirt for everyday wear and is made to last. Light olive green in color, it goes with almost anything from shorts to jeans. The back of the t-shirt carries the KRUDO Knives logo and the signature black lettering "When What You Carry Matters". Slip this t-shirt on and show the world that when what you carry matters, you must choose KRUDO Knives.

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  • Upgrade your wardrobe with the KRUDO Knives Black T-shirt with a Modified RED Logo. This soft cotton T-Shirt is comfortable and masculine. Black in color with the red KRUDO Knives trademark logo and white lettering "When What You Carry Matters", it goes with almost anything, from shorts to jeans and even tactical gear. Grab the black t-shirt from KRUDO Urban Gear today.

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  • Krona Fixed Blade by KRUDO Knives
    Ready for action and mean as a snake, the KRONA Fixed Blade gives a confidence boost anytime you need it. This compliment to the KRONA folder is perfect for tactical or daily usage and will stand up to whatever situation you may have. The KRONA Fixed Blade knife is enhanced with the KRUDO Knives signature Morse Code grips, adding extra hold with an added touch. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best, the KRONA Fixed Blade is the quality knife you need now.
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    VICE Folding Knives

    VICE Folder


    A Louis Krudo design

    Welcome to the VICE Folder from KRUDO Knives. A high quality pocket knife with a unique style and confident grip that will quickly become your favorite knife. With a funky reverse tanto point with a side of curve appeal, the VICE Folder will perform every time it's deployed. Don't settle for the everyday create your tomorrow with the VICE Folding Knife from KRUDO Knives.


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    SNAG Controller Polymer - Pink Polymer SNAG Controller - Black
    The Polymer SNAG Controller is a lightweight, affordable option to the SNAG controller.  Don't underestimate it just because it's made of polymer and labeled as a practice tool!  It is effective and practical. The Polymer SNAG Controller is a low profile, light, easy to carry, pain compliance personal protection tool. An excellent consideration for law enforcement, security and even practicing hand to hand tactical techniques. Multiple color variations are available to suite your tastes. Once you place it in your hand, you will feel and understand the ease of use and how effective it is. Made of lightweight but very strong polymer. Check out the video below to see the SNAG family of products in action.

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