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    KRUBATON Matte Blue by KRUDO Knives KRUBATON Tactical Pens by KRUDO Knives
    The KRUBATON is the answer to the question you didn't realize you had been asking. This is the most versatile tactical pen on the market and is designed to handle a ton of situations. First of all, it is a standard sized pen, on one end it features a Parker style refillable ink pen. The other end has a glass breaker, easy to deploy for emergencies or self defense. But with both caps on, it is a titanium baton that can be used as a pain compliance tool by using it to hammer certain parts of the attacker's body. Available in 3 amazing color schemes, Matte Blue, Matte Gold and Brushed Titanium. Watch the interview with Louis Krudo, the KRUBATON's designer, below to get an idea of the full capabilities.

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    Want to look tough, but be comfortable at the same time? The KRUDO Black Skull Beanie is a perfect accessory to compliment your KRUDO urban gear. Made from soft black wool with the KRUDO Knives red trademark logo, the KRUDO Black Skull Beanie can go with almost everything. Challenge the every day and create your own path with KRUDO Urban Gear.
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    Krudo Knives Blade Porn Patch Krudoo Knives Blade Porn Patch
    Create blade envy and little curiosity with the KRUDO Blade Porn patch. Part of the KRUDO Urban Gear lineup, this patch offers a bit of sexy and a lot of hotness as you show your enthusiasm for high quality knives. Take your knife fetish to the next level and wear our KRUDO Blade Porn patch with pride.  
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    KRUDO Hat

    $24.00 $19.99
    Ready to make a serious statement? The KRUDO hat will tell everyone that  you mean business and show that you are part of the KRUDO nation. This quality hat is designed by Louis KRUDO, using the K and incorporating the infamous skull face. The K of KRUDO stands alone as a reminder that the KRUDO brand kicks ass and is ready for anything. The KRUDO hat is a perfect accessory to compliment your KRUDO urban gear. Available in two sizes, select yours below.
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    The KRUDO Knives Axios T-shirt is a perfect KRUDO Urban Gear for you. The word AXIOS is Greek for "I am worthy". Made from high quality blend material, this t-shirt is soft, shrink resistant and can be worn with nearly anything. Black in color with the red KRUDO Knives trademark logo, it delivers a message letting the world know that you're worthy. Grab the KRUDO Knives Axios T-shirt from KRUDO Urban Gear today.  

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  • Take your wardrobe to the next level with the Blade Porn T-Shirt from KRUDO Urban Gear. This soft cotton T-Shirt is comfortable and stylish, plus it is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Black with red and white lettering, this Blade Porn T-Shirt is bold and ready for you.

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  • WWYCM Green T-Shirt from KRUDO Urban Gear
    The KRUDO Knives WWYCM Green T-Shirt from KRUDO Urban Gear is soft and made from high quality materials. It is a perfect t-shirt for everyday wear and is made to last. Light olive green in color, it goes with almost anything from shorts to jeans. The back of the t-shirt carries the KRUDO Knives logo and the signature black lettering "When What You Carry Matters". Slip this t-shirt on and show the world that when what you carry matters, you must choose KRUDO Knives.

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    KRUDO Patch

    $8.50 $7.48
    Deep black with KRUDO's red lettering the KRUDO patch means business in a stylish way. Show your support and become part of the KRUDO Nation by adding our patch to your KRUDO Urban gear.
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    $49.00 $43.12
    MANIK makes carrying your keys a breeze when you're holding it by it's two finger handle. Whether you carry MANIK on your key chain, belt loop, purse or backpack, the included carabiner makes it simple to attach your MANIK knife. It is said that preparation is the key to success. Be prepared with MANIK.

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    MANIKOMIO Fixed Blade Field Knife | Kydex Sheath | KRUDO Knives

    MANIKOMIO Fixed Blade

    Krudo’s father is the inspiration for this design as well as the name of MANIKOMIO. His father, Salvadore, Sal for short, had an endearing nickname that only his closest friends were allowed to call him; “Manikomio”. Sal had a great sense of humor, was highly energetic, willing to take on a friendly dare, was extremely brave and respected in his circles. Krudo’s father still influences his work and his life

    FACTORY 2ND’S are now available! 

    Factory 2nd blades are just as functionally fit and come with the same KRUDO Knives warranty that you know & trust, but have some cosmetic difference(s).

    Possible reasons a knife is considered a Factory 2nd would be smudge, scratch, color variance, chatter mark, some cosmetic inconsistency. 

    You get a fully functional KRUDO Knife at a fraction of the cost. There will, however, be some unique, cosmetic difference that makes this item a 2nd.

    No coupons or added discounts will apply to any Factory 2nd item.

  • MMF Fixed Blade Knife MMF by KRUDO Knives


    This is the 1st knife Louis KRUDO produced after the release of SNAG. He named this knife with a clear meaning. The MMF stands for "Mean Mother Fuc..." and the serious and bold design earns every bit of that name. In the words of the designer, "it is a real ass whooper." Inspired by the RAW fixed blade knife, the MMF is lighter and meaner, making perfect for offensive, defensive and various other tactical uses. Design characteristics brings versatility to the knife, providing thrusting, slashing, and ice pick positions to work comfortably in your hands. Need an aggressive hunting or fishing knife? The MMF does the job regardless of the environment.
  • Grab the MMF aluminum training knife and take your training to the next level. This lightweight and brightly colored trainer is perfect for training and practice scenarios. Modeled after the live blade MMF, this trainer gives you the confidence you need to train properly.

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