LIGHTS OUT by Louis Krudo Jewelry

LIGHTS OUT by Louis Krudo Jewelry


The LIGHTS OUT line evokes the retrofuturistic inventions of the likes of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Technologies hardly believable in days past are now commonplace in our modern era. From submarines to light switches, invention has driven the human race ever more rapidly toward blurring the lines between the organic and the synthetic.

LIGHTS OUT brings us back to a simpler time when tech was just emerging. A little steampunk, a little anachronistic, LIGHTS OUT is the brainchild of Louis Krudo. A techy and a sci-fi nerd at heart, he brings to life the old-style light switches, from his childhood, that adorn LIGHTS OUT.

You will love the heft and feel of these substantial, .925 Silver pieces. The ring will catch the eye of anyone you come in contact with, for sure. The pendant is that statement piece that says you mean business. Tie the bead onto your bottle opener, your keys, your folder, or anything you carry daily for that added flair or as a conversation piece.


From inspiration to completion, these pieces are made right here in Cave Creek, Arizona, by one man. As an artisan, Louis Krudo makes every piece of his signature jewelry. You know when you wear one of his stunning designs, you are wearing craftsmanship, grit, and the American dream. Krudo’s jewelry pieces are truly an act of metal alchemy.

This LIGHTS OUT design brings to mind postmodern technology. Wear all the pieces, the ring with the pendant. Add the bead on your favorite EDC item for a complete steampunk look. If you like to stand out, LIGHTS OUT is the signature for you. When it’s time for LIGHTS OUT, be the one to call it.

The LIGHTS OUT line is available in .925 Silver. You will receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Because each piece is handcrafted and not mass-produced on some assembly line, every one of Louis Krudo’s pieces will vary slightly.


POLISHED FINISH – This finish is anything but commonplace. The process of hand polishing adds that extra layer of human connection and attention, calling to mind that only by grit and pressure do we evolve into what we are meant to rise to. If you are bringing your best, making the hard choices, standing for what you believe in, and showing up even when it’s a pressure cooker, this finish is for you. You know what you are looking for and will succeed; it is only a matter of time, focus, and will. You are a force of nature.


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