Louis Krudo likes a good cigar and wanted to design a cigar rest that would be curvy and sexy. Made from ⅝” thick, solid 6Al4V Grade 5 titanium, BONAFIDE is perfectly sleek. It is the quintessential cigar rest that doubles as a novelty, 2 finger knuck. Up to a 60 gauge cigar can fit in the circular cutout. Whether you like your stogie mild or that bite of peppery spice, it need not have a run of the mill cigar rest. Use BONAFIDE with confidence; relax and smoke your cigar in style.

Finishes Available

  • Brushed Finish
  • Brushed Engraved
  • Anodized Gold Engraved
  • Anodized Pink/Lavender Engraved
  • Anodized Teal Engraved