When it comes to concealed knives, you have plenty of interesting choices. Knives hidden in objects have become a growing trend as people search for better ways to conceal self-defense tools.

What are some of the best places to hide a knife? Smart designers have made blades that they can conceal in everyday objects, emphasizing the element of surprise. That can turn a tricky situation to your favor. The best self-defense involves what would-be attackers do not see coming.

For men and women looking for a way to carry a knife without giving anything away, the following knives hidden in objects are just what they need.

In A Lipstick Case

Women have many items within which they can hide a knife, but a lipstick case takes that idea to a new level. No one thinks about a beauty product as a potential danger, until it’s too late.

In a Belt

Belts with knives allow you to quickly deploy a blade by simply undoing your belt buckle – something we’ve all done thousands of times. It’s completely concealed. No one will know you are carrying until it becomes necessary for you to show them.

In a Cane

Whether you need a cane to walk with or just want to have a cane by your side, knives are easily concealed within the shaft of the walking stick. From medieval to modern, there are many different styles of canes that house a knife. The style of blade is typically a dagger and can include exotic metals and ornate handles.

In a Key

A knife in a key is perfect for protection in those vulnerable moments as you approach your car or the front of your home. No one will think twice if you have your keys out.

In a Cell Phone Case

In 2012, Louis Krudo was the first to design and produce a cell phone case that also had a push dagger hidden within. He created the design to include easy access to the blade. Since no one ever leaves home without their cell phone, it was a no brainer for Krudo to design a cell phone carry for his CHEVRON fixed blade.

In a Wallet

Louis Krudo is currently in the final stages of verifying production on his new KWK Wallet design. This wallet is like no other on the market, and while it does hold credit cards and paper money, there is a serious blade that will come in handy for anyone who needs a utility knife at a moment’s notice.

In a Keychain

A push dagger kept inside a keychain works as well as the one in the key. While small in size, these knives can really pack a punch.

Push Dagger Keychain

Pen Knives

This has the added element of being cool in a super spy kind of way. Pen knives are just that – actual pens that conceal knives and other useful tools inside of them. When it comes to concealment, this is hard to beat.

KRUBATON Self Defense Pen

Credit Card Knives

A brilliant addition to the concealed knife canon. Who associates knives with a credit card? It’s also one of the easiest to carry of all the options on this list.

In a Comb

Another common item for women is given an extra something. Blades are hidden inside the backbone of the comb, ready for deployment when you most need it and the other person least expects it.

In A Necklace

Many necklaces on the market include concealed blades. This can work with women and men. Again, with the craftsmanship available today, a substantial and extremely effective self-defense tool can come in a small package.

As a Coin

This may rank No. 1 in terms of being the least obvious. Everyone has loose change in their pocket at some time or another, but yours just happens to include a fake coin that can be pulled apart to reveal a concealed, curved blade. This one takes the element of surprise to a new level.

If you want to truly conceal a knife, the options above make it relatively simple. Consider the ones that work best for your lifestyle. A knife hidden in objects is something you may not think you need, but it’s better to have one when life takes a sudden, unexpected turn.

Finally, be sure and check your state and local laws when considering this type of knife. Hidden blades are illegal in many states and could get you in hot water with the authorities.

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