Buying a good knife is just the first step in the lifelong journey of being a responsible knife owner. Just as important as selecting the right folding knife is to put the time into the maintenance of your folder.

In a new video, Louis Krudo, owner of Krudo Knives, explains the important steps to take when maintaining your knife.

Folding Knife Maintenance Tips: Compressed Air

Krudo begins by using a can of compressed air to blow grit and dirt out of the knife. With the folder closed, use the can of air on the ball bearings of the knife. Krudo notes that if you have an air pump, that is even better.

3-in-1 Oil

The next step is to take 3-in-1 oil and apply one drop to either side of the base of the knife. This should be done with the blade open, so that it will help guide the drops of oil down into the pivot. Work the blade open and closed to help the oil lubricate the pivot.

A third drop is the placed on the blade just above the detent ball, which holds the blade in place when it’s closed and also needs to be lubricated. Again, work the blade open and closed to help the oil move into the knife.

Dedicated Oil Rag

The next step is take a dedicated oil rag and wipe off any excess oil that might have gotten on the knife during cleaning. The rag also is used to place a light coat of oil on the opened blade. You may also find that oil sometimes leaks out of the knife handle around the pivot screw. If that is the case, you can wipe it down with the oil rag and then clean it off so it is not so slippery.

These simple but important steps, done routinely, will keep your knife functioning well. Just remember: Do not take a knife apart to clean it. This can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Check out the video from Louis below: