Virginia Bill Would Make It Legal to Gift Knives to Minors – Just Like You Can a Gun

2017-02-24T20:23:34-05:00By |KRUDO Khronicles|

A new Virginia bill would make it legal to gift knives to minors, just like you can with a gun. A loophole that has rural vs. urban lawmakers at odds.

Things Not To Do: Swallowing 40 Knives

2017-06-20T11:43:22-04:00By |KRUDO Khronicles|

Sometimes people have bad ideas when it comes to knives. And then sometimes people have really bad ideas, such as swallowing 40 knives. This one falls into the latter category. For reasons that may indicate a rare eating disorder, a man in India recently spent two months swallowing 40 knives. Needless to say, he ended [...]

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