Things Not To Do: Swallowing 40 Knives

2017-06-20T11:43:22-04:00By |KRUDO Khronicles|

Sometimes people have bad ideas when it comes to knives. And then sometimes people have really bad ideas, such as swallowing 40 knives. This one falls into the latter category. For reasons that may indicate a rare eating disorder, a man in India recently spent two months swallowing 40 knives. Needless to say, he ended [...]

Folding Knife Care and Maintenance: Protect Your Blade From the Elements

2015-08-26T10:17:41-04:00By |KRUDO Khronicles|

You need to depend on your folding knife, so make sure you take care of it. Treating your pocket knife like the critical tool it really is will protect your blade from damage, keeping you safe and productive.

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