The TACHEL (Tactical Satchel) is your solution for an everyday carry bag that serves multiple roles. Numerous pockets and quick deploy options provide options for firearms and knife concealment and even a convenient pocket for your cell phone. Extremely versatile, it can be carried on your shoulder, across your chest and even in as a tactical case on your thigh. With adjustable straps and storage options for nearly anything, this is the only tactical bag you will ever need. The TACHEL was designed with the idea to change the way you carry it depending of environmental or social situation.
  • Shoulder carry with strap that is easily adjustable to any preferred height
  • Same shoulder strap can be adjusted for waist carry
  • Shoulder strap come with a pad that has a zippered compartment
  • The TACHEL comes with a set of Velcro short straps and quick release clips. This allows for it to be attached to your belt. You can also attached it to your thigh with the included thigh strap.
  • Short straps can be configured to act as purse handles, making TACHEL a hand carry pouch.
  • Webbing on the back allows for attaching to other backpacks with molle straps or clips
Check out the Video below to see the TACHEL in action.