Introducing the latest iteration of the original DAO lineup, DAO LTE. This is the same DAO you have come to know and love, but with the LTE twist. The simple, stunning lines of original DAO remain, but Krudo has switched it up yet again. The frame shows G10 and a flash of copper for grip, but still carries that reassuring weight of DAO. You will be happy to choke up on this blade with the convenient finger choil, and the ever-popular thumb wedge, for an ergonomic grip. This 3.75” blade is a no-joke steak knife. So, when the local steakhouse hands you their lame, dinner knife, you can proudly slice your meat with flair and fun using your DAO LTE. The feel of a KRUDO comes from expert design and manufacturing. DAO LTE is the perfect pocket knife for your (EDC) everyday use. Each element of the knife has a purpose, from the curves of the frame for grip to the rapid and multiple blade deployment capabilities. Add DAO LTE to your collection and feel confident that you are prepped and ready for anything from manual labor to a dress-up affair.   FACTORY 2ND’S are now available!  Factory 2nd blades are just as functionally fit and come with the same KRUDO Knives warranty that you know & trust but have some cosmetic difference(s). Possible reasons a knife is considered a Factory 2nd would be smudge, scratch, color variance, chatter mark, some cosmetic inconsistency. You get a fully functional KRUDO Knife at a fraction of the cost. There will, however, be some unique, cosmetic difference that makes this item a 2nd. No coupons or added discounts will apply to any Factory 2nd item.