Louis Krudo Jewelry

The Louis Krudo Jewelry line is about rebirth, reinvention, and new configurations of time-honored traditions. These pieces represent that part of yourself that is the phoenix rising, the strengthened-by-fire, rejuvenated, regenerated part of who you are.

Adorning the body with jewelry is a practice that is nearly as ancient as the lineage of humans. While we’ve come a long way from stringing together fishbones and rocks, Louis Krudo is steadfast in his belief that heritage, history, and legacy are integral parts of designing his statement jewelry.

  • The LIGHTS OUT line evokes the retrofuturistic inventions of the likes of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Technologies hardly believable in days past are now commonplace in our modern era. From submarines to light switches, invention has driven the human race ever more rapidly toward blurring the lines between the organic and the synthetic. LIGHTS OUT brings us back to a simpler time when tech was just emerging. A little steampunk, a little anachronistic, LIGHTS OUT is the brainchild of Louis Krudo. A techy and a sci-fi nerd at heart, he brings to life the old-style light switches, from his childhood, that adorn LIGHTS OUT. You will love the heft and feel of these substantial, .925 Silver pieces. The ring will catch the eye of anyone you come in contact with, for sure. The pendant is that statement piece that says you mean business. Tie the bead onto your bottle opener, your keys, your folder, or anything you carry daily for that added flair or as a conversation piece.
  • Anyone looking for that foot in the door, the hard-to-find opportunity, the elusive goal that is so worth the struggle, the SPIKE War Hammer is created just for you. Like the warrior philosopher who cultivates his wisdom and stealth, honing skill and temperament, he uses his tools as an extension of himself. You know what you are capable of, but you keep it to yourself until such is the time it must be called upon,  Clever and quick, you are a go-getter.  Seeing an opportunity, you seize it, and when you don’t see an opportunity, you make one. Krudo’s SPIKE War Hammer is all about opportunity. It is a reminder and a touchpoint for you to take a swing at life.   Just like the armored knights of the 15th century days of old, you know you're ready for what comes at you. And, where swords would simply glance off the metal armor, the short-handled battle spike was wielded single-handedly with the aim of piercing the joints or the chinks in the armor or simply going through it.   **NOTE: These are not factory-made in large batches. Louis Krudo makes each of his jewelry items especially for you when you order. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.


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